Best Ways to Throw an Unusual Waterfront Party


When something wonderful occurs in your life, you will celebrate to make it unforgettable and to share your happiness with your loved ones. As the saying goes, joy multiplies when shared. Birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries are celebrated with a large number of people to add to the joy.

So, if you want to organize a yacht party for your favorite people, Dubai is the right location. Think beyond the box to create a memorable location for your guests.

What makes a boat the ideal party venue?

Most events are held in upscale restaurants, beachfront resorts, and auditoriums. But haven’t they grown obsolete? You will welcome the visitors to the event hall, and they will take their seats, eat, and go. These typical parties lack anything that can amaze the visitors or distinguish the party from others.

As a result, you must select a location where the visitors will not be bored. The boat is an outstanding party venue that provides a unique experience for all guests.

While cruising around Dubai, you may see prominent sights such as the Burj Al Arab, Marina, and Palm Jumeirah. From a boat, all of these waterfront projects appear gorgeous. Take extra batteries because there will be multiple picture stops along the way. This is an excellent choice for private gatherings because you will be away from the beach and surrounded by only your closest friends.

Making a yacht reservation

It’s a piece of cake to book a boat. Everything is at your fingertips once you select the most reputable tour operator in Dubai. You may look through the website, select a boat and package, and book it. It is also possible to inspect the boats in person if you choose. You should determine the precise number of visitors before renting the yacht. This will assist you in selecting a boat because each one has a different capacity.

Facilities on a yacht

Different boats will have different amenities, so keep this in mind while selecting one. Compare the amenities of yachts and select one that is appropriate for your occasion. A party cruise is required if you intend to organize a large party with more than 100 attendees. Choose a luxurious yacht with several master bedrooms, big lounges, a sundeck, Jacuzzis, a flybridge, and a dance floor. This guarantees that there is enough room for all of your visitors.

Select a location

While all of the costly party locations provide the same views, choose the one venue that offers views that change every minute. Marina and Palm Jumeirah are the most popular cruising sites in Dubai. If you pick Marina, you will witness glittering towers that represent Dubai’s future.

The man-made canal city has everything to catch your eye, from a magnificent skyline to the forthcoming Bluewaters Island. Palm Jumeirah is the world’s biggest man-made archipelago, home to some of Dubai’s most exclusive resorts and restaurants. You may take a photo of the famed Atlantis The Palm resort in Palm Jumeirah.

Set the time limit

You should plan the duration of the celebration and notify the workers ahead of time. While doing so, keep your budget in mind, as yachts charge by the hour. As a result, the price will rise as the time lengthens.

Choose a time

Cruising time is important since Dubai offers distinct moods at different times of day. Twilight will paint crimson and golden colors in the sky, just as the sunshine adds glitter to the buildings during the day. Nightlife in Dubai is spectacular and popular with tourists since the city enters a joyful attitude as it gets dark. For the same reason, Dubai is frequently referred to as the “city that never sleeps.”

Place an order for food

Following the selection of the appropriate site, the next critical step is to order food for the guests. Do you like a buffet or table service? People usually favor buffet style for yachts since they want to eat while relaxing in their favorite areas. The staff may arrange a delectable lunch cooked by skilled chefs, with the option of Arabic or Continental cuisine. You may also let them know if you or your guests have any unique dietary needs or preferences.

Invite your visitors

When throwing a party, this is an explicit step. However, inviting people to a boat party is a little different. Those attending such a gathering for the first time may have some reservations. So, while inviting them, you should give them an idea of the occasion and the nature of the boat party. Remind them of the party’s time and request that they arrive on time.

The most essential aspect of boat parties is that attendees who arrive late may miss the celebration, although they can enter at any moment at other common settings. Inform your visitors that late arrivals may be charged.


There are no restrictions on the entertainment options available for your boat excursion. You may do anything at the cruise destination to increase your enjoyment. Yachts feature a state-of-the-art home theatre where you may listen to your favorite music. Music enthusiasts can sing or play instruments. Those who want to take their celebration to the next level can hire a DJ. You may either employ one on your own or leave it to the staff.

Optional services

The extra services available aboard boats offer more enjoyment and comfort. Go for the additional services when you believe you need anything more to make your guests more comfortable.


The visitors should be entirely happy when they leave the celebration. Let the team know if you need assistance with the visitors. They can supply a hostess to meet the demands of the visitors and improve the quality of the event.


Cakes make the party! Order a customized cake, and the staff will prepare it on your big day. You may tell them the design and your custom cake will be waiting for you onboard on the big day.


The deep blue ocean and the Dubai skyline are more than enough to win over visitors’ hearts. You may also select a theme for the party and decorate the boat accordingly. The crew will be delighted to decorate the yachts with fresh flowers, streamers, and balloons. Welcome your guests aboard a sleek white boat with a crimson carpet and lavender-adorned seats.

Music and dancing are essential components of any celebration. Request that the team hire a DJ so you may dance the night away. He or she will play your favorite music to get the celebration started. Guests are welcome to celebrate and dance the night away.


It would be amazing to arrive at the party location in a Limousine. When you’re in Dubai, don’t leave any desires unsatisfied. Book a premium automobile for the team and arrive in style. They may even provide fancy automobiles to pick up your VIP guests. Select a Rolls Royce, Lamborghini, or any other car of your choice.

Choosing a Party Theme

Setting a theme for your party is a terrific way to keep your visitors entertained. It may shake up the monotony of traditional parties and make the event more lively. You may choose a Bollywood theme if you want large décor and elaborate costumes, or an Arabian Nights theme if you want to execute it in a Middle Eastern style. The Arabian Nights theme is popular for Dubai parties since it brings you near to the city’s customs.

The dress code

There’s no need to put your thinking caps on when it comes to boat party attire. There are no hard and fast rules on what to dress aboard a boat. However, dress appropriately for the occasion. If the party has a theme, you can assign a color code to the dresses. Also, if the party is during the day, wear sunscreen and a sun hat so that lounging on the sundeck does not harm your skin.

Try out some water sports.

The opportunity to get wet is a significant benefit of traveling aboard a boat. Try aquatic sports such as swimming or snorkeling. Aquaholics can request snorkeling equipment to float in the Arabian Gulf to observe the amazing aquatic species. As you gaze through the snorkeling equipment, the colorful reefs and many fish appear beautiful. There is no need to be concerned since the team will protect your safety at all costs. So, when you’re on a boat, don’t waste any time.

Tips to keep in mind

  • Visitors should bring their passports, while residents should bring their identification cards.
  • Purchase some motion sickness medication.
  • All guests must adhere to the crew’s directions.
  • Avoid bringing large amounts of luggage.

A boat party is an event where you will appreciate your decision to be in Dubai and understand why people desire to live in this city. The entertaining and opulent pleasures that the city provides its residents are unparalleled.

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