Bigger Chests and Smaller Chins to Dominate 2015: Beauty Science Inc Inc Offers New Line of Procedures and Products


To answer the increasing interest over voluptuous bodies and aesthetic appeal, Beauty Science Inc has invented in procedural and product line to help as many clients achieve their beauty goals.

Thanks to celebrities like Nicki Minah, Meghan Trainor, Kim Kardashian and JLo, there is now an increasing interest over having the right “stuff” in the right places. According to the latest data from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, people are focusing on stuffing the right areas. In fact, according to the results, not only did demand for breast augmentation increased up to 35 percent from the year 2000, butt implants also doubled raking in 1,863 from 942.

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On the other side of the spectrum, research results also noted that people have become more comfortable with their natural-born attributes that forehead lifts, facelifts and eyelid surgeries declined over the years. The focus is now on cheek and lip augmentations on top of chest enhancements. More importantly, people have also become more conscious about their bodies that procedures like tummy tucks and arm lifts saw incredible increase throughout the years.

This shows the changing perception of people on how they should look. Likewise, it supports evidence that people are taking charge of their bodies more. Supporting a similar idea, Beauty Science Inc Inc. has launched a range of products and procedures aiming to help individuals reach their body and beauty goals.

The company offers an incredible range of beauty aesthetic devices assuring the latest from the beauty industry. All products have been carefully selected to deliver ideal results. There is also an e-catalogue that allows customers to see and find out more about the beauty units. This guarantees clients can find the right product from their needs.

The company also offers a selection of beautifying procedures like Blissful Bosom Duo, Dynamic Derma, Intense Revival, Lumi Ion Light, Skin Rejuvenate Trios, Ultra Restore Cell, DepiTime Hair Removal, Flora Nano-ionic Steamer and HotIce Facial Massager among others.

The company follows an R5 Business program allowing them to identify the needs of clients best while matching the right procedures and products. Beauty Science Inc maps out skin care applications and body routines to deliver the best results. Client’s progress is also assessed to make sure they achieve their goals.

A tracking report will also be given to the clients to follow up results and other requirements. Beauty Science Inc offers effective results with its focused approach to clients. The company also understands client’s needs for privacy allowing individuals to undergo procedures freely without intervening with their other affairs. Interested parties can contact the company through their website.
About Beauty Science Inc:

Beauty Science Inc focuses on people’s aesthetic needs, wants, lifestyle, genetics made-up and skin care regime with available resources. The company offers the latest on cosmetic technology providing a range of services including hair removal in Singapore, breasts enhancement in Singapore as well as home facial services among other. To know more about products and services visit:

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