BL Singapore Lighting offers affordable products to brighten up your home


BL Singapore Lighting is a retail store that offers top quality but affordable lighting in the city. They are the ideal lighting shop that people should visit when looking for great ways to brighten up their home.

BL Singapore Lighting is a subsidiary of Bright Living, and started out as a whole seller of lighting products in Singapore in the year 2008. They have first opened their retail store in the city in the year 2010. Not long after that they have immediately established their second and third branch, and they soon grew into a successful retail store that has a wide network of clients and strong database. And in the year 2014, they have also partnered with Hoe Kee Hardware, a well-known retailer of kitchen and sanitary products that has been established since 1941. And at that same year, BL Singapore Lighting has established an e-commerce shop in order to further provide services to their customers online.

With BL Singapore Lighting, you can easily find cheap products to brighten up your home. The lighting shop provides a collection of lighting products for residential and commercial purposes. You can take your pick among their grand selection of cheap but high quality products. BL Singapore Lighting offers designer lighting for the ceiling, such as crystal chandeliers. They also offer a variety of ceiling fans, some of which have lights as well. They also have pendant lights, which are the ideal décor to make your home interior more stylish.

BL Singapore Lighting also provides a collection of LED lights for those who seek cost-effective lighting solutions. LED lights are the helpful way for you to reduce energy consumption at home. Not only that, they are emit less carbon dioxide and radiation, which makes it environment friendly. And with LED lights, you can easily adjust the brightness and temperature to suit the mood that you want in your room. From ceiling fixtures to downlights, BL Singapore Lighting can provide designer lighting that the people in Singapore needs. You can view these products by going to one of their showrooms in Singapore or by browsing online through their website.

BL Singapore Lighting is a company that dedicates itself to providing only the best products and services. They do not just provide a great variety of designer lighting, they also accept lighting design projects in order to meet the demands of their customers. BL Singapore Lighting is your ideal partner when it comes to cheap but top of the line lighting products. You can always count on them to brighten up your home.

About BL Singapore Lighting
BL Singapore Lighting is a subsidiary of Bright Living, and started out in the year 2008. They are a retail lighting shop that offers a variety of products. This lighting shop has a complete collection of ceiling lights, chandeliers, pendant light, and LED lights. They are your one stop shop for cheap lighting in Singapore.

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