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Get curtains in Singapore from FirstCurtainsBlinds and curtains are regular household items, often overlooked by many as they are not focal points for spaces. This situation is rapidly changing as Singaporeans begin to give detailed attention to all aspects of homemaking. Blinds and curtains are in demand as their functions diverge from one to many.

The mushrooming of many suppliers of blinds and curtains is a clear depiction that this demand is nowhere near diminishment and will continue to grow. First Curtains is a blinds and curtain supplier company providing the best products and services. You can get blinds and curtains of various colours, fabrics and types from them.

Blinds and curtains primarily function to protect a space from glaring sunlight and traffic noise. They are also being used to enhance the aesthetics of a space besides creating new spaces by acting as partitions. First Curtains comply to all these diverse functions with great service. First Curtains play the role of a one stop center when it comes to blinds and curtains. All the customers are served individually in order to meet their demands and requirements. The quality of products are excellent and can be seen from the increasing number of First Curtains customers day by day.

Among the types of blinds and curtains provided by First Curtains are day curtain, night curtain, roman blind, roller blind, wood blind, PVC blind, vertical blind, honeycomb shade, magic blind, venetian blind, vertical sheers blind, vitrom blind, shadow blind, rainbow blind or Combi blinds, outdoor roller blind,  bamboo blind and sofa re-upholstery. The products of First Curtains also cover the wide spectrum of colour palette and come with wide price ranges suitable for all budgets. Hence, First Curtains are considered very customer-friendly.  The customer-friendly service of First Curtains also extends to providing the customers with hooks, tabs, and rings required for the set-up of the curtains. This reduces the hassle of the customers during the set-up and earns major points from the customers.

The points that need to be taken into account before purchasing blinds and curtains are :

  1. Thorough observation of the space
  2. Defining the purpose of blinds and curtains in that space
  3. Position of windows in the space
  4. Designs and shades to create the ambience desired
  5. Shades of the walls in the space
  6. Furniture alignments in the space

All these points are deemed crucial so as not to make mistakes when buying blinds and curtains. First Curtains are known to solve the dilemmas of customers by providing guidance when it comes to making decisions for the best blinds and curtains.  The sound advice and suggestions provided by First Curtains are among the top reasons why they are becoming popular among Singaporeans. Their need to satisfy their customers has put them at the forefront among the leading suppliers in the world. World class service and products of the highest quality are the two phrases which perfectly describe First Curtains Singapore.

About First Curtains

First Curtains is a Singapore blinds and curtain retailer who provides blinds and curtains across the globe. First Curtains specializes in custom made curtains and drapes, blinds, sofa re-upholstery, solar film, wallpaper for residential homes, offices, rental properties and commercial application. For more information, please visit :

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