GlutenFreeSG offers a wide range of quality food for a more enjoyable diet


GlutenFreeSG, an online store in Singapore, is under the company Delicious GF Pte Ltd, which is based in Singapore. They specialize in providing a wide range of quality gluten-free food that many Singaporeans will enjoy.

Healthy food is now made more delicious and enjoyable thanks to GlutenFreeSG. They are among the rising food establishments that cater to the needs of those who have to undergo gluten-free diet in Singapore. GlutenFreeSG is founded by a group of friends who wish to help Singaporeans who are on a gluten-free diet but are having a hard time finding gluten-free food. And today they have become a successful food business that provides a comprehensive selection of gluten-free products in the island.

People who are in need of delicious and healthy gluten-free food will definitely appreciate GlutenFreeSG’s wide selection of food products. The online shop offers a great variety of food and beverages that are gluten-free. They offer over 50 different brands, some of which are imported from countries like Australia and USA. Among the many brands that they have in store includes Hubbards, Emelia’s, Clean Paleo, Snack Guru, and Biokia. They also have products from Sun Rice, San Remo, Lundberg, and Food for Friends. As they aim to provide a complete selection of food that meets the needs of those who are on a gluten-free diet, they make sure to cover all of the things they need from snacks to meat and vegetables. And the best part is that because they are an E-store, clients can easily shop online for gluten-free products and have them delivered to their doorstep. It has become a lot easier for Singaporeans to have healthy and gluten-free food anytime they want.

And to make your gluten-free diet more enjoyable, the team at GlutenFreeSG even provides recipes which people can view from their website. This gives customers a variety of ideas on how to make healthy and yummy food.

Gluten-free diet had great benefits to all people, regardless of their health condition. People with Celiac disease have to eat gluten-free food. Celiac disease is an autoimmune disorder where ingestion of gluten leads to damage in the small intestine, which may cause more serious health problems if not prevented. But while people that have this disease are required to undergo gluten-free diet, it is also good even for people who have normal health conditions. After all, munching on gluten-free food helps you intake many vitamins and antioxidants which cleanses your body. Your immune system will improve as well. Moreover, you will achieve a fit and more energetic body.

Healthy gluten-free food is now made more accessible to many people in Singapore. GlutenFreeSG aims to provide customers with top quality gluten-free products that are both healthy and delicious, and more options to enjoy their diet.


GlutenFreeSG is an online shop that is under Delicious GF Pte Ltd. They specialize in providing top quality gluten-free food in Singapore. They have the widest selection of delicious and healthy products from over 50 brands. They are the one-stop shop for those who pursue a healthy, gluten-free diet.

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