Blondal forges Customized filtration system to expand its network of providing more suitable engineering solutions in its filtration expertise


Blondal, a nationwide distributor and provider of quality home and office appliances in Singapore, forges its services into a more personalized approach – customized filtration system. Products and services for water and air filtration are now taken case by case. This assures that the water, in a particular area with under different conditons and circumstances, are filtered and purified with superior and cutting edge technology at the same time a company that is rooted on the principles of having a clean and green yet modern approach in the art of water and air filtration systems.

The expertise of Blondal has taken forward into the next level as it offers customized filtration systems addressing specific needs of clients. This way, the company thrives to achieve the maximum customer satisfaction and assures a clean and safe water even ondiverse cases.

In this kind of service, the team behind Blondal commits to the concerns discussed in every clients’ meeting. They plan a schematic solutions to practically conform tothe filtration needs of the customers. They provide a devised water filter systemsgeared with the right equipment to achieve the target goals and water treatment approach.

This special service is categorized into the anticipated needs of the clients that requires a different measures to deal with. There are atleast two aspects thatrequires the center of considerations:

Types of Customized Water Purifier Filtration System
Water filter system in Singapore, for Blondal, can be custom-madeunder the command of competitive solutions and superior quality productsthat can remove badly contaminated water sources. The customized water filtration system can be made to remove lead, heavy metals, and arsenic. Furthermore, this can be made available for clients of different industries such as hotels and resorts, yachts industrial processes, medical & residential, pharmaceuticals, municipalities, beverage manufacturing, agriculture settings, and food processing applications.

Areas for Customized Filtration Systems in Singapore
Blondal’s services for customized filtration systems can serve its purpose on cooling tower management,water treatment from lake, river, pond, or well water sources for private property or industry, seawater desalination for commercial locations or for industrial sites, waste water treatment for business offices, or public facilities; such as shopping malls, hospitals, and airports, sewage cycling and/or runoff water.

Purposes for Customized Filtration Systems in Singapore
Customized filtration systems can work on supply clean water for the following purposes- laundry, gardening, and residential and/or commercial sanitation purposes, swimming pool and spa water filtration for recycling.

The company values safe and clean drinking water and plans to make it accessible for everybody. For them, it is a worthy move to bend the standard systems and go beyond the normal techniques to bridge the gap between the places that requires intensive attention and in-depth solutions.

About Blöndal:
Blondal is a nationwide distributor and provider of quality home and office appliances in Singapore. Their purifying and water dispenser products as well as cutting edge filtering systems, have been crafted for about 40 years in service. Its professional expertise in water treatment and filtration technology resulted to the progress of engineered and designed filters for all sources of water in Singapore. To find out more, visit:

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