Blondal offers products and services toward a clean, green and modern art of air&waterfiltration systems in Singapore


Blondal, a nationwide distributor and provider of quality home and office appliances in Singapore, offers line of products and services for water and air filtration that are rooted on the principles of having a clean and green yet modern approach in the art of water and air filtration systems.

The company’s line of products feature water filtration systems, water dispenser system, and air purifier systems. These are designed to deliverthe best water filters in Singaporeproviding clean drinking water for every households and offices in the country.

With its competitive team of engineers, its wide array of water dispensers, air purifiers, and home water filters devised and install a facility-based water filtration technology to purify and distribute drinking water. It is also acknowledged as a highly practical method of water treatment and distribution having been able to incorporate energy saving features, up-to-date high functioning designs, and modern technology.

Blondal’swater dispensers in Singaporeare specially designed for offices. Fontan Office is carefully built with unique filter media composition for a hot and cold clean drinking water that can be accesses anytime within just a few minutes. The structure where Ultra-Filtration (UF) membrane technology take part of, is made of multiple pile of filters that can meticulously sift and trap contaminant and impurities such as to trap bacteria & viruses, cysts, Sand, rust, and chlorine from the water. Thus, it filters twice as it filter waterover again from its original source.

Moreover, the BlöndalFontän Office water dispensers are structured into a friendly and innovative designs with handy features that suits the fast-paced life inside an office which in turn gives convenience and less hassle to its users. These water dispensers are low maintenance and highly efficient in corporate domain.

Blondal also shares itshome water filter system in Singapore. There is the all-new BlöndalKälla 2. This water filtering systemuses thecutting edge Ultra-Filtration (UF) technology that is developed under the main principle of conserving water as its provides a safe and clean and drinking water to its customers. Its features include filters that can sift water down to 0.01 micron for safe and clean water even for other kitchen chores. It also features a two-step filtering technique. The first is called the Activated Carbon Block where in chlorine and toxins are removed. This initial step makes the water free from foul odor and strange unusual taste. The Hollow Fiber Membrane comes next. In the final step, the water runs through the hollow fiber membrane contaminant and small particles down to 0.01 micron.The water is now ready for washing dishes and other cleaning duties as up to 99.99% of bacteria and viruses are removed.

Being a versatile company that provides purifying products and services for over 35 years, air purifying products have also been developed and produced. Its variety of innovative and engineering solutions paved the way to come up with advanced air purifiers that won’t just benefit household members with asthma and allergies but for everyone who breathe the air spinning round the area.

Blöndal offers air purifying products such as HEPALUX Air Cleaners (Home & Office Air Purifier) and Ventus air Purifiers. These air purifiers available in Singapore have air purification systems with multi-level filtration, high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters that will surely stop the problematic conditions at home and in offices.

About Blöndal:
Blondal is a nationwide distributor and provider of quality home and office appliances in Singapore. Their purifying and water dispenserproducts as well as cutting edge filtering systems, have been crafted for about 40 years in service. Its professional expertise in water treatment and filtration technology resulted to the progress of engineered and designed filters for all sources of water in Singapore. To find out more, visit:

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