Blondal opens new employment opportunities and Business Schools to provide management trainings and programs


Blondal, an industry established for over 40 years practicing expertise on devising filtration systems to delivery high-quality business solutionsin Singapore, opens new career opportunities offering Sales Representative position to join the Blondal team. The company further opens its Business School to inculcate its expertise through management trainings and programs.

Today, the company is not only dedicated to bring innovative engineering solutions for superior water filtration systems and provide up-to-date information on how treating water is important but now aims to extend this message to career seeking individuals who share the same vision and interests.

Sales Representative Position
The reputable distributor and provider of quality home and office appliances in Singapore is now looking for Sales Representative to join their team of diverse individuals who use their knowledge, skills, and highly-driven attitudes to become the company that provides superior quality products and top of the line services.

To be qualified for the position, one must have a desire to succeed, boundless enthusiasm, determination and dedication, and high social intelligence. The company values the right attitude and work ethics of its employees as they see it as an important aspect in achieving success not only on individual goals but will also reflect on the performance of the company itself. The skills and knowledge can be improved through their trainings and continues practice and experiences in the company. Together, these two important components open more opportunities.

Blondal, as a known company, is able to provide its employees with pride and satisfaction, great income, fun and pleasure and different other benefits as the company also rewards its employees with attractive bonuses and commissions, plus a generous number of incentive packages; including all-expense paid overseas vacations. Moreover, he/she will be able to meet people from all walks of life who share the same vision and professional work attitude.

Interested applicants may send their full CV to the company’s email:

Blöndal Business School
In Blondal Business School, students are trained to have the right skills and knowledge to raise their potential in attaining success in the field. The company builds bridges of opportunities as they venture on the future with the company. There’s no educational background required and no work experience is required to be able to join the business school.

Blondal business school provides a training ground to pave their way towards a successful career in the particular field. Its competitive training program will focus on different sales and marketing aspects such as Industry Product Knowledge, Sales and Negotiation Skills, Management & Leadership Skills, Account Management Methodology, Self-Development and Personal Growth, Strategies in Motivation and Task Assessment, and Other Courses Specific to Blöndal Standards & Operations.

About Blöndal:
Blondal is a nationwide distributor and provider of quality home and office appliances in Singapore. Their purifying and water dispenser products as well as cutting edge filtering systems, have been crafted for about 40 years in service. Its professional expertise in water treatment and filtration technology resulted to the progress of engineered and designed filters for all sources of water in Singapore. To find out more, visit:

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