Blöndal, an industry-leading manufacturer and developer of water filtration systems with over 40 years of experience throughout Asia offers main products for Water Filtration Systems.

The Water Filtration Systems of Blondal is perfect for those who are worried over the quality of their drinking water and want to put their mind at ease. This system was developed using facility-based water filtration technology to purify water is a highly-practical international and industry acknowledged method of water treatment. The key advantage of installing a water filtration system is that you gain a peace of mind knowing the water you drink is clean and safe, containing no contaminants. Clean, safe drinking water leads to a more productive and efficient .

Blöndal provides clients with information, products and great advice on its drinking water filtration systems, hence it brings forth the latest Källa 2.

The all-new Blöndal Källa 2 is a revolutionary under sink water filtration system that no home can live without! Using the latest Ultra-Filtration (UF) technology with the economics of conserving water in mind, the Källa 2 filters the household’s water down to 0.01 micron, providing safe water for drinking, whilst supplying clean water for all other kitchen chores. Only Källa 2’s two-step filtration technology gives every person and their family peace of mind they always looked for.

First step on how Kalla is able to do the filtration job is due to its Activated Carbon Block which removes chlorine and toxins that produces foul odor and taste in your water.

Second step is due to the Hollow Fiber Membrane in which when water runs through the hollow fiber membrane, traps sand, dirt and particles down to 0.01 micron. Consequently, up to 99.99% of bacteria and viruses are removed.

Water output is suitable for your other kitchen chores like cleaning, washing and rinsing. Water that passed through both steps of filtration is clean and safe. It is free of physical impurities and the UF membrane ensures great filtration ability without chemical residue or dangerous side effects.

What more, this product comes with a hassle-free maintenance compared to other filters where constant cleaning and scrubbing is required, the hollow fiber membrane requires very little maintenance.

Moreover, the Blöndal product range includes creations such as Aqua Guard which is the first point-of use water purifier designed for Electrolux and water treatment plants manufactured for hospitals, factories and the F&B industry.

With an experienced team of water technologists, engineers and chemists, Blöndal specializes in catering to Singapore’s specific water filtration needs. Only the finest components are procured from world-leading manufacturers to assure the utmost highest performance. The company pledge to improving the lifestyle of people does not just involve selling products; the greatest satisfaction comes from providing customers with systems that perform at optimal standards and lasts for a lifetime.

Blöndal is an industry-leading manufacturer and developer of water filtration systems with over 40 years of experience throughout Asia offers main products for Water Filtration Systems Water Dispenser Systems and Air Purifier Systems. Blöndal products are the results of fine-tuning over 40 years of R&D and professional expertise in water treatment and filtration technology. They have been engineered and designed to filter all sources of water in Singapore. For every person’s safety and health, all Blöndal products have been tested and proven safe. International standard requirements like the FDA (Food & Drug Administration, USA), ISO 9001/9002 and the like were duly met. For more information, visit:

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