Body Treatments for Overall wellness at Body Wellness


Body Wellness, one of the largest ladies spa in Singapore, creates a time for an overall wellness with its different body treatments for its valued customers and clients. The company has a broad line of body treatments and services for a 100% satisfaction for every visit in the beauty spa.

Several facial treatments are in store for those who’d like to have a good day out to pamper yourself and relax. Moreover, one can, at the same time, have some beauty regime while enjoying a massage and other body treatments. Body Wellness has different facial treatments such as hydrating facial, anti-aging facial, stem cell facial, and the likes. Customers can choose from the pool of options that will highly give them the benefit and goals they want.

Furthermore, body Wellness offers body massage for de-stressing and stimulating body’s natural ways of healing. This can help a clients relieve body pains and headaches. Body massage also comes with excellent choice of essential oils for a relaxing aroma therapy. Signature therapeutic is one of the most sought after services from the beauty spa as it revitalizes and balances wellness. It uses natural remedies in providing health and wellness benefits to its customers.

Another one is the “FENG” THERAPY. “Say Goodbye to chills and Hi to a warm and healthy body!” as to give a gist of what the service is all about.

The company further describes the service as a body massage that “soothes away your tensions and relieves your fatigue from head to toes. Use of a uniquely formulated paste, the blood and lymphatic circulation are improved, enabling the body’s immunity to turn stronger.”

The beauty spa also has whitening treats for the clients. The company understands how important it is to keep Wellness and beauty for self-growth and development. It will further enhance not only their physical vibe but also their health and emotional balance.

A day well spent is truly a day spent in a beauty spa. The spa experience is a fusion of giving a self a treat, break, and time to relax at the same time providing health benefits for our body to keep wellness and enjoy life.

About Body Wellness:
One of the largest ladies day spa in Singapore, Body Wellness has been serving its customers for almost two decades and will continue to thrive so for years to come. Alongside with our Signature Body Massages and Face Spa, Body Wellness offers therapeutic personalized program that pamper along with the best for you. With more than 100 therapies to choose from, we ensure each visit begins with a consultation so that every program is tailor-made and total customer care is provided throughout the entire spa experience. Body Wellness is situated at the heart of Singapore at Winsland House (Somerset) that houses 34 treatment rooms, with 4 hydro-bath rooms and steam room which provides a pleasure spot where you can seek for a total relaxation after a long day at work or shopping. To find out more, visit:

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