Body Wellness cuts down excess weight with its slimming products and treatments


Body Wellness, one of the largest ladies spa in Singapore, is in for another treat for women. It offers slimming products and services that will help women not only lose weight but also achieve the curves and body figure they aim for.

Diet and proper exercise can now be supported with slimming products and treatments from Body Wellness to achieve positive results speedily. However, unlike in work outs and calculated diet, Body Wellness provides more visible results without too much straining the body with physical activities. In fact, customers are to be pampered while in the treatment session.

There are two main treatments offered by Body Wellness for those who want to slim down while enjoying the services of the Ladies Spa which are:

LPG Body Contouring slimming technique reactivates the fat release process to erase localized fat and imperfections. The main focus of this treatment is directed to the problem areas, then the entire body. The body must also be treated to stimulate general circulation and the elimination of broken up toxic matters. Besides targeting localized fat reductions, this specialized treatment also helps to tone and firm up skin condition.

The key Benefits of the treatment include break down fat deposits, redensify skin, body lifting and firming, and tighten and define body shape

Modern society stress and unhealthy diets can cause the build up of toxins in the body, resulting in weight gain. Radio Frequency is a highly effective slimming technique which infused Radio Frequency technology to dissolve fat cell mass using internal thermal heat generated by radio waves. This treatment results in an immediate effect of contraction on body contouring and slimming.

The key benefits of this treatment basically include improvement of blood and lymphatic fluids circulation, Fat reduction, Cellulite treatment, Body lifting and firming, and unblock localized water retention.

With these body treatments, losing weight has never been such easy and pleasurable. Natural physically inactive women won’t have to be forced to go to gym in order to cut down excess fats and lose weight. Now, Body Wellness lets women achieve visible results with the fusion of modern techniques and the traditional spa treatments for ladies.

About Body Wellness:
One of the largest ladies day spa in Singapore, Body Wellness has been serving its customers for almost two decades and will continue to thrive so for years to come. Alongside with our Signature Body Massages and Face Spa, Body Wellness offers therapeutic personalized program that pamper along with the best for you. With more than 100 therapies to choose from, we ensure each visit begins with a consultation so that every program is tailor-made and total customer care is provided throughout the entire spa experience. Body Wellness is situated at the heart of Singapore at Winsland House (Somerset) that houses 34 treatment rooms, with 4 hydro-bath rooms and steam room which provides a pleasure spot where you can seek for a total relaxation after a long day at work or shopping. To find out more, visit:

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