Body Wellness offers various Aesthetic Facial for the Women of today


Body Wellness, one of the largest ladies spa in Singapore, offers its uniquely designed treatments for a radiantly flawless skin through its various Aesthetic Facial treatments and services. The beauty Spa is a beauty haven for all the ladies for an overhaul of beauty treatments that can enhance their facial features through an intricate yet delicate process for a great, safe, and long lasting results.

The company offers a broad lines of facial treatments with specific purposes and goals. These are sorted into four categories, to wit, Whitening, Anti-Ageing, Face Contouring, and Timeless Treats. Each category aims for a specific goal to enhance and improve skin conditions or maintain a good and flawless skin.

Body Wellness aims to create a space where all women have the most flawless and radiant looking skin through its various services which will be better explained by seeing-through every treatment under each category.


1. Rice Stem Cell
Rice Stem Cell Treatment was specially crafted for delicate Asian skin. Rich in anti-oxidants, it penetrates deep into the skin structure to promote cell renewal.It is most effective in restoring your skin’s elasticity, and in fading spots and discolourations, to give you a lasting fair and radiant skin.

2. White Tea
One of the nature’s great gifts, White tea contains the highest antioxidant level which effectively combats wrinkles, spots dullness and repairs skin damages caused by nasty free radicals. Skin is visibly hydrated and brightened with a glow from within.


1. Pure Gold Facial Treatment
Gold and Beauty are words that work well together. Historically, gold has been recognized for its luxurious and beautifying properties. The key ingredients used for Pure Gold facial treatment helps in nourishing, stimulating collagen synthesis and encourages micro-circulation, reducing puffiness. Prolong treatments enable improvement on skin’s elasticity and suppleness, reducing fine lines and spider veins.

2. Apple-Stem-Cell
This facial treatment is specifically designed to combine science and nature for to achieve the best results in maintaining a youthful and radiant look.

3. Soy Bean Facial
Scientific studies reflects that soy bean works to reduce blotchiness and discoloration by evening out the appearance of pigments within the skin’s surface.Rich in Vitamin E, it promotes healing and regeneration through its antioxidant properties. Also known as a great source of protein, Soy Bean works to moisturize skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines.

4. Royal Indulgence
Integrating BEE PROPOLIS into skin care, this treatment prevents premature aging of the cells and stimulate the growth of new skin tissues. It penetrates deep into the skin and nourishes the cells, leaving your skin looking youthful, radiant and hydrated.


1. Dna Activator
An intended treatment to rapidly lift and raise the skin to create a Slimmer V-Shaped Face!Through constant Research and Development, a breakthrough technology was developed to create DNA Activator Facial. This treatment provides the flexibility to customize and accelerate DNA, through natural regeneration and healing process, enhancing the active ingredient into the deeper layer of skin.


1. Oxygen Fusion
Infused with a series of improvised techniques, Oxygen Infusion Facial increase the overall effectiveness of the treatment.Boosting oxygen level to 99%, it enables skin to retain moisture level and allow essential minerals and oxygen to propelled deep into the skin, pore by pore.

2. Crystal Light
An exciting breakthrough with the use of VPL (Variable Pulsed Light) technology.The use of VPL offers a safe, non-surgical treatment for many skin conditions, often brought about by age or over-exposure to the sun.Crystal Light Facial Treatment is an ideal treatment to effectively repair spider veins, capillary damage, pigmentation, scarring, sun damaged and aged skin.

With more than 100 other therapies that company offers, Body wellness surely keeps an eye to the well-being, health, and beauty of their loyal and valued customers.

About Body Wellness:
One of the largest ladies day spa in Singapore, Body Wellness has been serving its customers for almost two decades and will continue to thrive so for years to come. Alongside with our Signature Body Massages and Face Spa, Body Wellness offers therapeutic personalized program that pamper along with the best for you. With more than 100 therapies to choose from, we ensure each visit begins with a consultation so that every program is tailor-made and total customer care is provided throughout the entire spa experience. Body Wellness is situated at the heart of Singapore at Winsland House (Somerset) that houses 34 treatment rooms, with 4 hydro-bath rooms and steam room which provides a pleasure spot where you can seek for a total relaxation after a long day at work or shopping. To find out more, visit:

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