Brand Inc. – Leading PR Agency for medical and healthcare in Singapore


Brand Incorporated is a Public Relation company that offers a wide range of PR campaign for businesses or services. The company is specialized in public relations and communications for consumer and lifestyle products. They have driven and succeeded the biggest brand names in Singapore. They have a smart concept for detail, focused on their passion to concise and effective communications. The company is now serving for 10 years of giving customized public relations solutions and will guaranteed to increase manifestation and situation in the market.

The company has been grown into a leading boutique consumer lifestyle pubic relation agencies and consultancy in Singapore that specialize in public relation area like medical healthcare, hospitality, food and beverage restaurants, consumer tech, event and fashion. The company understands the firm belief in keeping all their clients close to their hearts in order to deliver great possibilities in all PR Solutions. The company have a long-standing clients include Far East Hospitality, Xepa Soul Pattinson, Fossil, Hugo Boss, and Wacoal.

Brand Incorporated also has partnerships with the members of the media, serving them with different techniques and unique concepts, news-worthy stories that will attract and involve with the target audiences. They have strong media contacts because of their capability to do a best angle in their client’s stories. The company had achieved great results which they have won and engaged clients for over the years.

The company offers medical healthcare Public Relation campaign. In Singapore, it is very essential to know and understand all the guidelines before taking up marketing or any publicity campaigns for medical, healthcare or any pharmaceutical brand, service, supplement or devices. The medical healthcare industry is governed by strict advertising and promotional guidelines. They make the most challenging industry to give a good public service in which the company is very devoted and expert in all medical and healthcare public relation team. They have proven that it is more than possible to succeed maximum publicity even with restrictions with the wealth of healthcare public relations experience and research skills.

The company has made one of the few boutique public relations agencies in the region with understanding and a great resource to handle medical/healthcare public relations. They have organized some media events, television interviews with outstanding professionals in the medical industry, competitions and also print and digital coverage. They are using a wide variety of both traditional and digital media outlets in which they have built up for over 10 years in operation. They bring outstanding results that exploit market position and consumer awareness of the medical brands.

They have worked with respected organizations like Bristol-Myers Squibb, Parkway Cancer Centre, Actelion, Smith & Nephew, Ziwell Pharmaceuticals, and their long-standing client for 7 years and counting, the regional pharmaceutical giant Xepa Soul Pattinson.


About the company:

Brand Inc. is one of the leading boutique consumer lifestyle public relations (PR) agencies and consultancy in Singapore and Malaysia that specializes in public relations areas such as medical healthcare, hospitality, food & beverage (F&B) restaurants, consumer tech, event and fashion. For more information, visit the website at

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