Brand Inc. provides diverse variety of PR services in different specializations


Brand Inc. is able to cater to the different needs and preference of their clients with it being home to quite a number of specializations.

Brand Inc. takes pride with the quality of PR services that they provide. This PR agency in Singapore covers a wide range of services in different industry. Public relations plays an important role in advertising a particular service and Brand Inc. understands the need for PR services. As such, this public relations company has taken the necessary measures to expand their services in an effort to effective reach their clients.

Brand Inc. provides hospitality public relations as well as medical healthcare PR to their clients on a regular day to day basis with their dedicated and knowledgeable PR team. Their team has worked with esteemed organisations such as Bristol-Myers Squibb, Parkway Cancer Centre, Actelion, Smith & Nephew, Ziwell Pharmaceuticals giving them adequate amounts of experience to back their activities up.

Aside from health PR, Brand Inc. has also outreached their services to industries like F&B, Fashion and in other 7 specializations. The company understands the importance of having public relations firms locally and in order to be one of the best PR firm in Singapore, it was necessary for them to adopt and implement other industries. This in turn helps save their clients a fair amount of time when looking for pr consultancy for the various markets since most of them are provided by the folks at Brand Inc.

The company has also implemented the latest trend and innovation found in the industry today. Several corporations are looking into digital public relations Singapore and it is good to hear that digital pr Singapore is something Brand Inc. has a clear understanding of. As such, it is relatively easy for their clients to look for public relations with a focus to digital marketing.

PR agencies within Singapore are considered to be a very much sought after service in the present. Brand Inc. services are also not focused entirely on Singapore as the company has also provided public relations in Malaysia to their clients at any given time when the need calls for them to do so.

About Brand Inc:

Brand Inc. is one of the leading boutique consumer lifestyle public relations (PR) agencies and consultancies in Singapore and Malaysia that specializes in public relations areas such as medical healthcare, hospitality, food & beverage (F&B) restaurants, consumer tech, event and fashion. The company takes pride in their close ties with members of the media, aiding them in finding unique, news-worthy stories that will engage and captivate their target audiences. To find out more, visit

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