Brand Inc. Provides Great Opportunity with the PR Careers that they are Offering


Brand Inc. wishes to shares their years of experience for public relations in Singapore to aspiring marketers as well as those who are interested in the PR industry by providing wonderful job opportunities.

Brand Inc. is continually expanding and this can be seen with the diverse range of services this public relations company has today. There is indeed a lot of field Brand Inc. is covering including health PR, fashion PR and even food PR for the many Singapore accounts they are holding. There is indeed a lot of ground to cover and the company encourages others to be part of their PR company.

Newcomers should not feel intimidated about this PR agency especially since they welcome public relations intern to help them with their endeavors. Throughout the course of the internship, employees will be able to learn draft press release and articles, executive media monitoring and clipping as well as all other PR related work found in other pr agencies in Singapore. For those who have a passion in the field of public relations, Brand Inc. is able to provide their employees with the environment that they need for them to thrive with public relations firm in Singapore.

Experienced individuals are also welcome as they enlist themselves for an enriching and fruitful career. This PR consultancy is currently looking for a Public Relations Account Executives who are passionate about shopping, brands, events and anything lifestyle as they work in a variety of fields including healthcare PR, restaurants PR, hospitality public relations and many more. The company is also looking for people who are exuberant and self-motivated go-getters for a position as Public Relations Administrative Officer. These individuals will also be working in different fields as well.

Last but definitely not the least with the career paths Brand Inc. is offering are the Senior Public Relations Account Executive / Assistant Manager who will be dealing with PR agencies both in Singapore and Malaysia. As such, some overseas traveling to Singapore will be required to aspiring applicants as they deal with restaurants public relations accounts and other associated field.

Brand Inc. is slowly becoming one the of the best PR agency within Singapore with embracing different innovations and trends such as food public relations, boutique PR agency as well as digital PR in Singapore. Their public relations in Malaysia is also considered to be a very much welcomed addition with their expansion.

About Brand Inc:

Brand Inc. is one of the leading boutique consumer lifestyle public relations (PR) agencies and consultancies in Singapore and Malaysia that specializes in public relations areas such as medical healthcare, hospitality, food & beverage (F&B) restaurants, consumer tech, event and fashion. The company takes pride in their close ties with members of the media, aiding them in finding unique, news-worthy stories that will engage and captivate their target audiences. To find out more, visit

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