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Singapore, Foch Road – Brand Inc., one of the leading PR agencies in Singapore, reveals how they get the job done with three effective concepts and techniques. The combination of the essential elements has made the company succeed in building good publicity and maintaining its stability in the public arena.

Public Relations and Communication are the two key elements and secrets Brand Inc. used even to the biggest brands names they handle. The company has also maximized their strength in media contacts and in highlighting the best angles of the clients’ stories. New perspectives and fresh ideas are creatively innovated to present an eye catching PR campaign and execute a strategy in achieving goals and delivering messages to the public with the right media.

Used specially for consumer and lifestyle products, the company provided and exhibited their effective tools that has produced and continues to produce stellar results from the smallest up to their biggest clients:

Press / media release

A customised press release is as important as your brand or product. There can never be a one-size-fits-all release that will interest everyone who reads it. It is important to know the reader and to interest them. That is the key to a well-crafted release.

Press / media kit

Press kit containing a small media gift / or product, releases and other related information are specially hand delivered by Brand Inc to the media. A personalised service would ensure that the media receives the press kits personally and in time to meet publication deadlines.

Press / media conference

Press conference, workshop, lunch or trials are part of package to allow the media to hear directly from the companies and experience the service of product. The key is to make the session as interesting for the media as possible.

Promotion, advertising, damage control, and reputation establishment are also the other factors that has brought the company to be named as one of the leading PR agencies in Singapore. Brand Inc. continues to branch out its specializations as they are now handling more than 8 PR in the market.

Its capability to catch the attention of the public through different medium has made them the experts in making different products, services, and even events to be included in the trends of the time. The brands and labels are not only brought to the top lists but are also maintained and groomed with a good reputation. Hence, an overall arrangements in keeping brands and labels buoyant and visible in the business industries.

Brand Inc.

About the company:

Originally a one-person operation with an astute eye for detail, and driven by a passion for concise, effective communications, Brand Inc. has evolved into one of the leading boutique consumer lifestyle public relations (PR) agencies and consultancies in Singapore and Malaysia that specialises in public relations areas such as medical healthcare, hospitality, food & beverage (F&B) restaurants, consumer tech, events and fashion. To find out more, visit:

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