A Brief History About Blinds and A Simple Guide To Choose The Right Type


This serves as a little refresher course for people that may need help in choosing the right type of window Blinds Singapore to suit their preferences and the places they want to install it on. Blinds have been existed since the time of the Romans specifically during the construction of the Coliseum.

Back then, dust from the construction invades every household that is close to it. As a solution, the Romans designed a cloth that is been held by two separate sticks on both ends, which are controlled by strings to fold and collapse, and mounted on the windows of every household that is affected by the construction dust.

That is the first recorded type of roller blinds that been used widely by an ancient civilization. After that, it evolved and spawned different types of blinds that we know today. It is amazing to see a simple solution become a basic utility that has been helpful to our daily activities. Here are different types of blinds and its functionality to help you decide which design to go for:

Venetian Blinds and Persian Blinds in Singapore

These window blinds are the most commonly used and can be found in most establishments. Its design consists of horizontal slats that are in same sizes, harnessed by well intertwined strings to hold and control its basic functions for opening, closing, folding, and collapsing. Its materials are commonly made of aluminum, plastic, and everything in between. Like mentioned earlier, it is the most common, so it would be advisable for offices, and households.

Wood Blinds

A variant of Venetian blinds that has been very popular to many designers are wood blinds. It has the same mechanism and structure design but the slates are made of well-polished wood. It gives an elegant look to a rather common window utility that has been use by many.

Roman Blinds

Dating back to ancient times, like mentioned earlier it is made out of a cloth to block out dust and sunlight. It is more identical to a curtain but a lot straighter, held by separate rods on its top and bottom, and harnessed by a string to control its opening and closing. It is advisable to use for households because of its more simplistic design.

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