Brief Review Of Scaffolding Systems


Construction industry makes use of several industrial materials and equipments including heavy machineries. Scaffolds are also an essential part of the construction which is essential for building structures that are above 6 to 7 feet from ground level. A scaffold is nothing but a stand or platform on which the workers can stand and work on their structure. In the earlier days, scaffolds were built in advance before starting any kind of construction work. It took several days for the workers to build a huge scaffold that can hold several workers at a time. Materials like wood, steel and iron, etc. were utilized for building various types of scaffold structures. Nowadays, there are special services that offer scaffolds on rents for a fixed period.

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Types of scaffolding systems in Singapore

  • The common type of scaffolds is the one that is rooted in the ground. It could be made of wooden or metal frames. These scaffolds are based on self-supporting scaffolding systems.
  • A scaffold made of trestle ladder is extensively used for construction of small houses and buildings.
  • Suspension scaffolds are also used in various types of construction works. These scaffolds are suspended with the help of ropes or metal bearers from the top of a structure or building.
  • Scaffolding elevator is extensively used in huge construction sites. They are mechanized and make use of motors or high-power batteries. Such scaffolds make use of an elevator system that carries workers to various levels.

Finding scaffold suppliers in your city

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