Brow Art Studio lets you have the ideal Permanent Makeup to Suit your Face


Brow Art Studio is the leading permanent makeup artist in Singapore today. They specialize in eyebrow and lip embroidery and tattooing, as well as eyeliner embroidery and a variety of other services. They are the team that will help you have the perfect makeup that suits your face shape and features.

Clients from all over Singapore keep on raving about how great the services provided by Brow Art Studio are. Eyebrow embroidery reviews from beauty and lifestyle bloggers all over Singapore are all about praising the quality of Brow Art Studio’s services. They have a team of highly skilled and experienced makeup artists who have an understanding of the proper makeup that will match your face shape and features, but also listens to your needs. Brow Art Studio features Jenny Xu, a permanent makeup and face sculpture expert who have been in the makeup and styling industry for more than ten years. Her skills were acknowledged so much, that she was awarded the Most Creative Design in the International Tattoo & Embroidery Contest in 2010, and she received accreditation certification from Japan’s CCS Organization.  She was also the Top Tattoo Master of Plastic Surgery Hospital in Shenzhen, China. She and the rest of Brow Art Studio are always ready to give ladies and gentlemen the perfect eyebrow or lip tattoo and embroidery for them.

Brow Art Studio offers a variety of services for their clients. They have eyebrow tattoo and eyebrow embroidery services. Eyebrows are an important face features; just the shape of your brow can change one’s entire look, even the impression a person leaves to others by their facial expressions. With Brow Art Studio, clients can achieve the perfect eyebrows that will suit their face shape as well as their lifestyle and personality. A pair of well-sculpted brows can make you look energetic, graceful, and elegant, to bold, fierce and even seductive.

Aside from permanent eyebrow makeup services, they also offer solutions for your eye line. Ladies can achieve that alluring look and longer-looking eyelashes that last for days with their eyeliner embroidery. There is no more need to apply eyeliner every time. And for those who want to have natural, rosy lips, they also offer lip tattooing and lip embroidery services. You can choose among their wide selection of lip color, although you can always ask their makeup artists which color suits you best. The procedure is painless, and the lip color will last for a long time. It is the perfect procedure for ladies who are tired of always having to reapply lipstick.

With Brow Art Studio, clients can achieve a better, natural look. They are your reliable team of experts when it comes to providing permanent makeup that is perfect for your face.

About Brow Art Studio

Brow Art Studio is Singapore’s leading permanent make-up artist that specializes in eyebrow, eyeline, and lip embroidery. They consist of a team of professional make-up experts, featuring their leading expert Jenny Xu, who already has more than 10 years of expertise in the art of permanent make-up and face sculpture.

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