Brows getting in long lasting shape: Browart Studio traces its broadline of Eyebrow services


Browart Studio, a leading permanent make-up artist in Singapore, takes on another brow beauty trend with its Eyebrow services. The beauty company offers services as detailed as to the feature involving eyebrows, its trim and reshaping it. The beauty features have indeed expanded even to the most tiny detail of the face making huge different to the overall look of the person and providing convenience and quality services that will surely enhance beauty without the need of major surgeries and operations. Minor changes can bring drastic change and enhancement especially when done well.

“A pair of wonderfully sculpted brows can make you look graceful, energetic and even improve the symmetry of your facial outline!” says the company. They further stated how they can help every customer customize the shape and design of their eyebrows with a quick and painless colouring to make the eyebrows look neat and natural from every angle.

From that, they’ve provided different brow services for complete the whole look with semi-permanent effect and the choice to remove it whenever they want to. These are all done in the Browart studio creating a glint of change to the facial feature of the customers.

Brow services offered:

 Brow Embroidery
 Brow Shaping
 Brow Resurrection Cream
 Remover Embroidery

These services are offered at competitive prices making confidence and beauty trends within the means of every lady.

The company’s dedication to make every customer feel attractive and confident when they leave the store always reflects from the quality services they provide from Embroidery to make-up and hair removal. They encourage every beauty enthusiast to check out their service menu and make an appointment with the company.

Aside from the eyebrow services, Browart Studio has other beauty services in store such as lip embroidery and eyeliner embroidery in Singapore and the likes. They also provide waxing services to help every customer have and maintain a flawless skin ready for any night ramp out or summer get away outfits.

With Browart Studio, having a fixed and well-defined eyebrow shave never been so convenience, easy and not time consuming. A lady won’t have to spend too much time on eyebrows in her every make-up routine.

About Browart Studio:
Browart Studio is a leading permanent make-up artist in Singapore. We specialize in eyebrow, eyeline, and lip embroidery, taking into account your face shape, features, and lifestyle to design and create a suitable look for you. Jenny Xu is one of the featured make-up stylist and facial sculpture expert, and the top tattoo master of Plastic surgery hospital in Shenzhen, China. With her expertise and experience, Browart studio, leads the pedestal lane of beauty studio providing competent make-up artists that has an eye for beauty including techniques and styles to enhance such natural beauty. Jenny Xu was also awarded Most Creative Design in the International Tattoo & Embroidery Contest. To find out more about her and the company, visit:

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