Building strong foundation: The best way to prepare for JC and A-level exams


Enroll your children in a JC tuition at Ignite Tuition SingaporeSingapore – As students take their steps up in the field of academics and into building their career paths, they are faced with more challenging and difficult subjects and examinations. In advance courses or field of studies, students are expected to have mastered the basics and are ready to solve more complex problems. The pacing of learning at such level more often than not overwhelm most of the students which may lead to poor performance and heightened stress levels. Such transition causes nothing but a series of frustrating experiences to the students.

Ignite Tuition Centre sees how more preparation can help students cope better in facing the next phase in their academic life. The JC tuition is offered where different subjects are tackled and made more comprehending to the students for them to strengthen the foundation of their knowledge which will be useful especially in Junior College and in different examinations such as the A-level exams in Singapore.

“In Junior College (JC), many students will find difficulty coping with the newly introduced lecture-tutorial style of teaching. At Ignite, we make use of the small class sizes to provide the necessary attention to each and every student. With all the help they can get at Ignite, students will find the ‘A’ Level Examinations a breeze!”, says the team behind Ignite Tuition Centre.

With the aid of the tuition centre, JC students are able to improve their performance, especially in examinations. Records show that the students ace their subjects after taking classes and programs from Ignite. Moreover, results reflected the studying ethics that the tuition centre have also inculcated with their students as they get  “A” from a “C” in their grade sheets or cards.

The tuition centre in Singapore also provides a relaxed environment and a small sized class for the students to learn without heavy pressure which is usually felt in schools and universities. Tutors also make sure that no kid is left behind. Each student is given enough attention during lectures and discussions.

Ignite not only aims to see progress in the grades and exam results of the students, but more importantly strives to train students develop the right study habits and learning techniques. The value of having the right discipline and approach in studying is beneficial not only for the time being but in the long run.

Students are therefore not only enrolled in a Science tuition or Math tuition but are given the opportunity to take innovative and effective techniques in studying and in developing a good work ethics.

About the tuition centre:

At Ignite Tuition Centre in Singapore, tutors could ignite a passion for learning in their students, allowing them to reach their maximum potential. Understanding that every child is different, Ignite Tuition Centre educates every individual and their curriculum complements and follows the MOE Singapore syllabus closely. To find out more, visit:

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