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If you’d like to stock up on some supplies for your shop or if you have a major promotion coming up, then there’s no better place to get your items than at Klassic. They have a wide array of wholesale gift ideas to fit your activity and budget. If you’d like to save more in getting supplies of merchandise items, you’d be way better off investing in a bulk of orders from the online gift shop. Here are just some of the reasons why buying wholesale over at Klassic would be awesome:


They’re great for massive gift giving

Do you have a huge fan base? Or perhaps you have an international group of customers, waiting to be delighted by the gifts you’re about to bring. Either way, Klassic is your go-to partner when it comes to giving away merchandise items on a wide scale basis.

For instance, you can consider having your logo printed on your lapel pin along with a personalized gift card which you can give out to your fans or batches of customers. Don’t be surprised to see your followers or favorite clients wear them, especially if they’re stylishly designed.


Use them for freebies or promotional campaigns

Klassic has a bunch of fun collectibles which can be creatively aligned with your products. Buying some items in wholesale enables your shop to invite more customers, hence increasing your sales. If you also have a special occasion coming up, like your company’s anniversary or if it’s Halloween or even Chinese New Year, you can throw in some door gifts upon welcoming your paying customers in the shop.


Give them out as direct mailers

It’s cool to find how Klassic also sells greeting cards in bulk. They have a huge range of items in various price points, to fit every occasion. If you’re a brand who’s caring for the health of moms, then it would be a necessity for you to remember your customers during Mother’s Day.

You can contract a couple of Calligraphy companies, so you can further provide personalised gifts in Singapore. Your hired Calligraphy artists may then make the cards extra special by having your customers’ names written on the cards, along with a couple of memorable messages.


Stock them up as store supplies

To enhance your customers’ overall store experience, it would be particularly    enticing to add added services with your main offerings. For instance, if you own an arts and crafts workshop, you can suggest for your customers’ works to be given as gifts. Hence it would be practical to have a gift wrapping station on your shop. With Klassic, you need not worry about having abundant supplies of wrapping paper. Wisely buy them at wholesale, and you’ll have supplies to last for months.


About Klassic

Klassic is Singapore’s premiere go-to shop for corporate gifts in Singapore. They carry small gift accessories, drinkware, electronics and gadgets, bags, lifestyle items, stationeries and wholesale products. To learn more about the items they carry, visit their site at

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