Buying Kids Clothes in Singapore Now Made Easy


Parents who wish to shop for quality clothes for their kids no longer have to worry about completing the task.  A Singapore-based store that specializes on kids clothing line have made it possible for them to shop in the most convenient way. Mini Outfitters has presented itself as a solution for parents who are having difficulties in getting the best clothes for their kids. Its main feature that has gained the most appreciation is its ability to grant their clients’ wishes without having to travel to their store.  With the use of the internet, one can easily shop for kids clothes.

The main facility that Mini Outfitters find pride in is its own website.  Through its website, clients can go ahead and browse for the particular items that they wish to order.  The pages that can be found on the website are each dedicated to the brands that the store is selling.  These provide the details that the clients would find very helpful as they try to come with final choices.  There are pictures of each dress or outfit being sold.  With these, the customers would no longer find it difficult to choose which among these should their kids be wearing.

A representative of Mini Outfitters said that the store boasts of having included the most famous brands in the market.  Among the brands included in its line are Armani Junior, Dolce and Gabana, Aston Martin, and many others.  According to the said representative, he has recently discovered that an increasing number of its customers are, in fact, opting for branded kids clothes. He further stated that this proves that parents are now putting into consideration quality over the issue of price.  Because of this, Mini Outfitters has continued to expand its branded kiddie clothing line in order to offer more options to its customers.

Since establishing itself as an online store for kids clothes in Singapore, the management of Mini Outfitters has observed an actual influx of more loyal customers.  In fact, the orders made are no longer just limited in the confines of Singapore.  More and more customers from other countries in Southeast Asia have also made orders at the shop with the use of the internet. Mini Outfitters guarantees fast deliveries of the ordered items.  This is said to be one of the reasons why orders from outside Singapore has significantly increased.  The management of the store continues to find ways in improving further its services.

About Mini Outfitters

Mini Outfitters is an online store that specializes in designer wear for kids.  Since its establishment, it has been offering various branded clothes for children age 0 to 16 at prices that are very affordable.  The company was founded by Fonny Bunjamin, a fashion designer based in London, and Sook Tan, an ex-banker and a mother of two. For more information on the company, visit its website

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