Buying property off the plan: South East Capital shows a strategic way toward its accomplishment


South East Capital, a fully integrated business tailored to the needs of investors who aims to buy property in Australia, shows how buying property off the plan can turn out to be a good property investment approach as well. The company guides young and experience businessmen alike venturing taking chances in the property market.

“Buying off-the-plan means that you are buying a property investment – for the future. Essentially this means you are entering into a contract to purchase a property prior to, or during the construction phase of the development. There is no tangible asset for you to inspect, but you are buying on the basis of floor plans and floor plates – hence the phrase “buying off-the-plan”.”

Under the particular approach in property investment which rather quirky and unstable as it sounds, the company shows its numerous advantages. However, researching is a good preparation step in order to execute it well and avoid or minimize potential problems. Dealing with a “quality, reputable developer is also a vital part of the approach.

South East Capital, being in the industry for a significant amount of time have accomplish such research screening and scrutinizing in the industry market to establish credibility and quality engagements. It also means that the company “only deal with builders/developers with a strong reputation and a solid tenure in the market.”

This assures that clients can enjoy benefits laid down by the company itself. Which are:

Best Price

The first properties released usually go for the best price to ensure that the developer is starting to receive fast funds. In addition to this, you are buying a property for tomorrow at today’s prices – so typically, you can enjoy capital growth while your property is getting built.

Tax Benefits

When buying a new property, there are significantly higher tax benefits, as it is new. Your depreciation starting point is much higher, which means your deductions are higher.

Longer Settlement Time

Typically, settlements for off the plan purchases occur anywhere from 18 months to 4 years – which means that while you will pay a 10% deposit upon signing a contract, the rest of the money (the balance) is not due until the property is complete.

Stamp Duty Savings

In some Australian states, there are considerable stamp duty saving benefits, if you buy off the plan.

You Get To Choose

By buying off the plan – particularly if you get in early – you get to choose the apartment that you want, from everything on offer. This means you get to choose the view you want, the position and size – as well as floor plan. In turn, by getting the best apartment, you increase your rental yield potential.


Ensure you are dealing with financially reputable companies, quality developers and viable projects to prevent yourself from any negative experiences that may see you considerably out of pocket. Once you have all these points covered, you can sit back and enjoy watching the development of your new investment.


About South East Capital:

South East Capital is a fully integrated business tailored to the needs of expats and investors looking to buy property in Australia. The company is the first business of its kind, which sets it apart from competitors as they are able to provide clients with information on current market trends, property hotspots, exclusive property developments, property finance, tax and rental management. To find out more, visit:

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