Capture Your Fun Moments With Instant Printing Service


Planning a party? We often forget to arrange for images to be captured by a professional for special gatherings. Nowadays, most people depend on selfie images that they click randomly on smart phones. However, most images that are clicked on a phone tend to remain in the memory drives. There is so much that images clicked during fun moments could do when they are displayed in front of us.

Plan a service for the good photo booth Singapore price

It would be a fun and innovative idea to include a photo booth service for your party, big or small. With affordable photo booth price rentals, you need not worry about the cost of such a setup. What’s more, it will not only be a medium to take photos of your guests but an entertainment medium as well. Consider the following:

  • A photo booth can be arranged as per the space availability.
  • Interesting backdrops and templates are provided for images to be clicked and processed.
  • Pictures taken can be printed out instantly with different graphics, templates and overlays.
  • Framed prints can be great return gifts for your party.

With the above points in mind, you will surely have several reasons to include a photo booth rental in your party.

How to do it?

Nowadays, wedding photo booth services become available for different occasions as they can be made flexible as per customer requirements. You can take a look at the different photo booth services in your city to know the rates that are asked for. Usually there are rental costs as well as package deals for prints.

Looking for an affordable photo booth service in Singapore? Check out the services and rates that Pixelinc offers. You are sure to get wonderful deals and ideas to plan a fun party with props and clicks.

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