Car Quotation 365 is the most sought after second-hand car dealer in Singapore. It is singled out among the rest due to its excellent service and fascinating ability to convert used cars into brand new cars, which would certainly give someone a hard time to distinguish the difference between the two.

The company takes immense gratification in the handling and selling of second hand cars. It hands over the best and only the best advices on customers’ car purchase particularly purveyed for each client’s specific needs. Moreover, the company is equipped with automobile geniuses that are all highly competent in selling second hand cars to buyers.

Car Quotation 365 is likewise the perfect place for people who are planning to sell their used cars away. It offers three simple ways to sell second hand cars, which provides benefits to the sellers in where selling used cars will surely get a new fortune. And likewise provides benefits to buyers who will buy second hand cars but surely will be satisfied with first-hand experience.

One option is Consignment or simple selling of goods to another person; the process for accomplishing the initial requirement of which is as simple as ABC. Firstly, seller need to provide necessary details which include detailed information about the car, attached with clear picture of the vehicle as to assist all used car and commercial vehicles with a real time direct trading process to command a better price from SGD2000 up to more than any market take-in within 28 hours in most case.

The seller will be guided accordingly throughout the course of selling the item, with which he will also receive information about potential buyers. The seller can schedule the viewing and when the deal is done, a deposit will be directed to the seller. It must be noted that the Car Quotation 365 will do all paperwork and related matter up to the handing over of the vehicle that will be professionally handed by them.

After which, the company’s friendly advisor would contact the seller to render its professional advice and recommendation to the seller’s preference with a reliable survey and valuation on the line.

Car Quotation 365 assists in marketing and selling client’s car with listings to be posted on the extensive marketing platform with a vast networking of direct buyers and sellers. The company also offers competitive loan package to secure all immediate ready buyer even with any credit history in any case.

The company likewise promises 100% free with no contract and obligations while guaranteeing 99.9% up-time satisfaction.

It shall be noted thereby that the company suggests to consign vehicle with them for only a small fee from as low as SGD800 or 1% of the final selling price whichever is higher and only payable after the market and selling of car at reasonable market value at that time was successful. Moreover, engagement to their service does not constitute or serve to enter into any legal form of contract and liability.

Another option is the Direct Quotes which requires seller to be as detailed as possible for more accurate offers. Car plate number and owner ID is required to verify the car ownership and to retrieve more info about the car via LTA’s portal. The company also requires for car details like vehicle registration number, and car mileage, original type of purchase if from authorized agent or parallel importer and whether or not the car is off peak. It is also important to incorporate the car’s present condition such as detailed list of scratches, dents, components not working properly and also the accident record.

The listing of features or accessories is also necessary like its quality of leather seats, sports rim and DVD player. It would be much better if photos are attached. The form will also require for the estimated date of handover and of course the contact details of the owner like type of ID with its number, name of the seller, mobile number and email address. After submitting details, owner shall receive the quotes and may be able to schedule viewing and proceed to completion of transaction.

The last option is the Snap Your Car which is essentially the simplest way to sell cars. The requirement is simple, fulfillment of the form requiring contact details specifically mobile number, and attachment of photo that could clearly show car condition and vehicle registration number.

Car Quotation 365 is the most preferred second hand car dealer in Singapore which provides excellent service and put extreme care every second hand cars it converts to being brand new ones. The company takes huge pride in handling and selling of second hand cars and provides customers the best of the best advices on car purchase specially catered to their specific needs. It has patient automobile geniuses that will thoroughly walk customers through all the considerations that they should make, and answer any and every doubt that they may have. The company always aims to serve up to its best ability to provide sellers new fortune from used cars, and endow buyers with first-hand experience from affordable second hand cars. For more information, visit:

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