Career Options That Will Help You Make a Difference in the World


Lucrative jobs in which you spend most of your weekdays even beyond the regular eight hours might pave your way to success, especially if you have a goal you’re working to achieve. But simple and essential jobs, those that personally deal with people, can give you a sense of fulfillment no other line of work can. Sadly, these jobs can sometimes be too taxing, pays too little, or takes too long to bear fruitful rewards, making them all the more the least attractive option. However, in the same sense, these challenges can also serve as the very reason why you should pick one as your career. So if you’re weighing your options, looking for a degree to pursue, or planning your next career move, why not spend your time studying for a career that helps people?

Social Work

Probably the most hands-on job among the branches of social science, social work offers versatile career choices, which can be both physically and emotionally taxing yet fulfilling and rewarding. Having a career in social work will put you in situations wherein you’ll help various kinds of people, all requiring different care, depending on the problems they are going through. Being a social worker does not mean that you will solely work for the government or organizations. You can also extend your services to schools and other care facilities. To become a social worker, you need a bachelor’s degree in social work or in a similar field. Afterward, you have to obtain a social work license.


This one is an obvious choice if you’re looking for jobs that can give you a rewarding career. Just like with other jobs that require dealing with people, teaching is something that should be done with complete care. If you think this is the career path for you, you should take the time to work on building your character, especially because you will be teaching young, impressionable children who will look up to you as their role model. In a way, forging a career in education can also do you a ton of good because it will motivate you to become a better person. Through this, you’ll also encourage your future students to become the best versions of themselves.


Studying to become a medical practitioner deals with the physical aspects of human lives, making it another obvious choice in a pool of rewarding careers. These days, because of the pandemic, doctors, nurses, and other health workers are gaining more appreciation for the work and sacrifice they continue to provide. Aside from being a doctor or a nurse, you can try exploring other health professions that are just as necessary, such as medical technology, dentistry, and optometry. To have a career in one of these fields, you must first finish a bachelor’s degree that focuses on or is directly related to these professions. It also requires clinical laboratory experience for medical technologists, on-the-job dental training for dentists or a dental assisting course for those studying to become dental assistants, and a four-year optometry program for optometrists. A lot of effort goes into achieving a medical degree, but the fruits are extremely rewarding.

Emergency Personnel

Also considered as first responders, police officers, paramedics, and firefighters play a big part in saving people caught in dangerous situations. These professionals are specially trained to save people, making their profession a very fulfilling career path to take. This line of work, just like the others, can be stressful physically, mentally, and emotionally. However, the rewards you will have are incomparable. If you’re planning to take up this career path, you will need a bachelor’s degree, undergo the required training, and pass the exams for you to acquire the license you need.


Becoming a lawyer can give you both prestige, a profitable income, and a rewarding career. Some tasks of a lawyer include representing people in court, defending them, and working toward obtaining the justice they deserve. This field will require you to be tough and smart, especially since a person’s freedom can solely depend on how you represent their case. You can choose to work in criminal defense and clear the name of wrongly accused people or specialize in child protection to save innocent children from damaging situations. This field will also change you as a person because you will be exposed to different individuals and circumstances. Pursuing a career in law requires extensive study—a bachelor’s degree, years in law school, a comprehensive exam for licensure, and the required training.

Every job contributes greatly to the world. If you want to work on something fulfilling and be recognized for your hard work, pursuing a career that will require you to be altruistic and be of help to other people can give you that kind of rewarding feeling.

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