Careers ahead at Mandai Link Logistics


Mandai Link, a cold chain solution provider in Singapore, offers career and job positions for those who are enthusiastic when it comes to cold chain developments or the operation itself. The team behind the company are accepting competent and dedicated applicants to contribute not only to the company but in providing solutions to further exalt the economy and modern living of the consumers across the country and around the world. The applicant is expected to join the pool of expert and professional individuals who handles the cold chain logistics excellently storing, delivering and transferring products in its best quality from one place to another.

“We are committed to the growth and development of our staff, and welcome like-minded individuals who are passionate and dedicated to join our team of professionals.” Says the team behind the company. Maindai Link Logistics have grown to be one of the most prominent and trusted logistics company in Singapore as they continue to excel and provide competent training to hone the skills and expand the knowledge of the team in the field.

The positions for Sales Executive and Delivery Assistant are open in the company at the moment. Every qualified individuals are invited to apply for the positions.

Career at Mandai Link Logistics will not only be a one-sided growth but a sharing of mutual success and progress whether in the personal careers or to the growth of the company as a whole.

In line with this, the company articulates that, “We [Mandai Link Logistics] are looking for leaders and team players in every capacity who enjoy the challenge of delivering promises in a dynamic environment. We believe that only driven and motivated individuals will succeed in these roles.”

Personal and career growth is sure to boost as the company itself progresses towards becoming the leading cold chain logistics provider in Singapore and in Cold chain asia. They believe that people in th business is the simple formula to success in a service-oriented industry.

Mandai Link Logistics encourage every aspirants out there to join their team is raising the standards and quality of service in the industry. They welcome people who embodies the same vision they have.

The company will notify the short listed candidate afterwards.

About Mandai Link:
The Mandai Link Logistics is committed to meeting the needs with complete cold chain solutions. Its clients and customers can have peace of mind, knowing that their customers will receive the products at the height of quality that only an expert with sophisticated technologies can deliver. What makes Mandai Link different is its people. Mandai Link understand that their client’s customers want nothing but the best for their loved ones. Hence, the company personnel are trained to treat products entrusted to our care professionally and responsibly. From the time of arrival at the docks till the time they reach customers, you can rely on our people to keep your products safe. To find out more, visit:

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