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Men and women need to have a go-to clinic which provides their needs when it comes to beauty and wellness. This is why Only Aesthetic has top-tier services varying from Body, Face, Hair, Modern Men, Teen and many other categories. Have the ultimate expert when it comes to permanent hair removal in Singapore. See your options at Only Aesthetic today.


Beautifying methods for the body

There are four types of treatments which you can consider, when it comes to having a pampering and effective beautifying session. These range from Body Sculpting, Body Firming up to Weight Management. Among these categories of treatments, men and women can choose from over eleven methods which Only Aesthetic can carry out.


If you’re looking for coolsculpting in Singapore, you may check out Only Aesthetics’ Zeltiq Coolsculpting. This treatment can burn off body fat by the hour of each session. Did you know the clinic also promises to permanently remove about 30% of your fat within just 60 minutes?


Rejuvenate and get healthier skin with facial treatments

Only Aesthetic also has the Clear Skin, Skin Resurfacing and Anti Aging categories to ensure you’ll have youthful looking skin each time. You can choose among the Laser Skin Quickie, Peelogy, SilkPeel, VanishR Skin Rejuvenation, Laser Skin Resurfacing and so much more.


For those who have also been looking for an effective acne treatment in Singapore, you can check out Only Aesthetic’s Peeology. This method can increase the rate of your cells’ renewal and remove your skin’s dead cells hence avoid hyper pigmentation. Peelogy can also treat your skin’s acne causing bacteria and even control your pore’s excess oil production.


Among Singapore’s top clinics, Only Aesthetic also uniquely offers four-fold benefits in most of its treatments. These include painlessness, fast treatments, non-invasiveness and minimal downtime in comparison to most high involvement facial centers.


Take out excess, unwanted hair with Only Aesthetic’s treatments

You’d definitely find IPL hair removal quite effective, especially when you wouldn’t want to keep visiting a wax salon. IPL or Intense Pulsed Light is a laser based treatment which is used to prevent new hairs in growing on your arm pits, lips, legs and many other areas of your body. It’s quite effective and maintains to be among the top choices when it comes to considering permanent hair removal methods.


As you consider top services which specialize in hair removal at Singapore, you can also gauge Only Aesthetic’s level of expertise via testimonials. Some mentioned how they found their chosen treatments to be quite comfortable and painless. Others have also been going back to the service center for about three years, since they’ve found the effectiveness of Only Aesthetic’s various methods.


About Only Aesthetic

Only Aesthetic has treated over 600,000 customers with over 10 years of industry experience. The beauty and wellness center also has over four dozens of treatments for women, men and even teenagers. Read more about its positive reviews and learn about the beauty industry through its blog, by visiting

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