Check Out these Cardio Training Pieces Today


buy-nordictrack-treadmill-from-homegym-sg-todayCardio workouts are always great for losing weight and boosting your daily moods. If you’re planning to own a home gym, it would be a great idea for you to invest in a couple of cardio-oriented gym equipment in Singapore. This way, you can still commit to your workout sessions despite any type of weather you’ll encounter at any day.

Commercial gym owners must also make sure their cardio equipment would be updated. Whether you’re a home or commercial gym owner, here are just a few of the pieces which you must consider:

Look through your options of treadmills in Singapore

One of the top brands which would be worth looking into would be the NordicTrack treadmill. The 6500 Treadmill has a 3HP motor along with a 2.5-inch roller. It also has the FlexSelect cushioning to make each work out session ergonomic. If you’d like to make your cardio session more interesting each time, you may pick a couple of exercise modes from its 32 types of programmes.

The NordicTrack C801 Treadmill has the 2.5 CHP Motor, with dual fans. This feature enables to cool up your internal components so you may expect lesser noise and vibration when you work out. The unit’s One Touch Controls can also adjust your speed and incline within just a few seconds.

If you’d also like to reduce the impact of your workout, protect your knees and ankles, plus ensure a stable surface, the treadmill also has the adjustable, FlexSelect Cushioning.

Burn calories and tone up your legs with a spin bike

It would also be practical to look up an exercise bike in Singapore. You can check the Commercial Spin Bike X959. This one has a stainless steel tube frame, 23-kg fly wheel, a poly V-belt (for quiet rides), high quality bearings and so much more.

Are you planning to train for a triathlon? Or perhaps you’d want to prepare for some intense spinning classes. Either way, a spin bike is what you’ll need to get some intense exercises done.

As you search for an elliptical in Singapore, another unit which you may consider would be the V1000 Vortex Spin Bike. It provides easy adjustments with better consoles, along with a sturdier stance. Did you also know it has a lifetime structural warranty?

With the V1000 Vortex Spin Bike, you can certainly increase your heart rate and boost your mood right in the comfort of your home. Commercial gym owners must also consider this unit since it allows for ease of use, despite the strenuous sessions which it can provide their customers.

Have a total body workout with Elliptical Trainers

The NordicTrack, foldable E10.0 Elliptical Cross Trainer allows for you to have the complete cardio workout session, within lesser space. It can also conform to your stride, since the elliptical path ensures natural strides on your feet.

There are a lot of other cardio pieces which you must look through, to ensure a total work out. Check your options by visiting an online store today.


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