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Are you having a major token giveaway soon? If so, then it’s just practical to look through an online shop which offers a variety of gift ideas such as Klassic. Did you know they have hundreds of corporate gifts which you can choose from? They have numerous designs of small gifts, drinkware, electronics, bags and so many more lifestyle items. Klassic also carries items which can be given out for various occasions, so be sure to look through their selections today.


Pick from their line of small gifts

Even the tiniest details can make a whole lot of difference when it comes to giving out gifts. Klassic has key chains, collar or lapel pin selections, tie pins, dog tags, chain links, cuff links, medals and other mementos. These can also be printed on, so you can surely personalize your corporate gifts to your clients. If you’re also an event organizer, you can make your festivities extra special by printing your memorable messages onto the collar pin which you will be giving out.


Stay memorable with Klassic’s drinkware

As you click through their online shop, you’ll notice how Klassic has a myriad of snap cups, mugs, coffee cups, porcelain tumblers, water bottle selections and many other drinkware for you to choose from. They come in different colors and functionalities. These should also perfectly blend with your clients’ office tables, so they’ll stay hydrated while working throughout the day.


Be interesting and useful with electronic and gadget giveaways

If you own a digital related company, it would be awesome to give out electronic gifts to your recipients. These can be in forms of a universal travel adaptor, optical mouse, cable & USB hub, selfie stick and portable chargers or power banks. These are available in different colors, designs, sizes and capacities. These gift ideas are not only memorable since you can check if they allow for logo printing. They’re also practical to carry around, so you must make sure these will be printed with your phone numbers.


Choose from selections of bags

You can never go wrong with having bags as giveaways. When stylishly designed, your recipients would even be happy to carry them wherever they’ll go. Klassic has them in different designs, colors, sizes and functionalities. You can pick from a haversack or backpack, eco bag, shoe bag, notebook bag, cooler bag or eco bag in Singapore. There are many other types of bags which are available in their pages, and it would be great to consider purchasing them at wholesale. This way, you can save more and have additional stocks to give your recipients.


About Klassic

Klassic Singapore is an online gift shop which provides various options for corporate gifts. The customer would be happy to choose from their hundreds of selections which come in different types, colors and sizes. Their items can be personalized and are even ready for Free Deliveries. To know more about the selections they carry, visit their site:

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