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Get your SSL certificate in Singapore from CybersecureasiaDo you own an online shop? Or perhaps you do most of your transactions digitally. With every business venture you carry out, it would be important to ensure the security of your customers’ vital and sensitive information. This is where securing an SSL Certificate in Singapore would be quite handy. Cyber Secure Asia has the DigiCert SSL Certificate. With its features, you’d be sure to keep hackers at bay and establish the trust of your customers.

What is an SSL Certificate?

SSL mainly stands for Secure Sockets Layer. This technology provides encryptions throughout the sets of data which will be sent out by a customer. For instance, if he or she will be entering Social Security details, Credit Card numbers or other log-in credentials, your customer will be assured of having a secure transaction throughout a visit to your website. DigiCert’s SSL Certificate Authentication will make sure your customer’s information will remain unreadable.

The assurance of compatibility

Upon having the services of Cyber Secure Asia, your SSL will be able to run on any type of server. This includes Apache, Exchange Server, Tomcat and many more. You can also feel free to speak with the representatives of Cyber Secure Asia so you would know how exactly the tool may fit your data security needs. DigiCert will prioritize your security and ease of operations, so it would also be necessary to tell the representatives about your concerns. This way, your must-haves will be addressed.

Can run on various Operating Systems

Aside from the security which the DigiCert brings, it would also be necessary to consider their operability in different systems which your customers may have. Your prospective Digital Certificate will be able to run on Android, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer and many other major Operating Systems. This should enable security, via encryptions regardless of what OS any customer may be using in purchasing at your online store.

Gain constant technical support

To ensure your SSL will run smoothly, you will need to have technical support representatives on standby. This is where having a live chat, Email and phone channels would be handy for your chosen service.

Cyber Secure Asia has all these three support systems to make sure you’ll be provided with enough channels of contact. If you’ll need to further know about how your encryption systems will work and how they apply to certain exchanges of information, you can count on the expertise of their technical support system.

About Cyber Secure Asia

While it originated in Japan, Cyber Secure Asia has opened its services to Singapore so it could offer value in the Lion City’s security certification market. They have over 20 years of experience as they’ve provided services to various types of clients. These include both small and big businesses. They mainly use Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) technology towards executing high level of services. For more information about Cyber Secure Asia, you may visit their website at

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