Check Out these Drinks from Alcohol Elements


alcohol-elements-provides-liquor-delivery-service-in-singaporeAre you an event organizer? Or perhaps you’re merely planning for a major celebration. Either way, it is an alcohol delivery company in Singapore.

Look no further and check out what Alcohol Elements can provide you with. These are just a few of the products which you may order from the liquor delivery store:

See the Whiskey products from Alcohol Elements

There are various brands which you can definitely choose from as you visit the Alcohol Elements site. These would include Chivas Regal, Jim Beam, Jack Daniel’s, Johnnie Walker, Dewar’s and Famous Grouse.

If you’re considering the company to be your liquor delivery service, it would then be a good option for you to look through their available prices. The rates mainly begin at $50, and these may reach up to SGD $118. Particularly, the Johnnie Walker Gold Label can be bought at SGD $118.

Consider Champagnes for grand celebrations

The Moet & Chandon, Imperial Brut has a classic look to it. It’s even great for holidays. Its amber highlights can be radiant, as they give off hints of fresh fruits. The Moet & Chandon, Imperial Brut’s taste can also be quite delectable with its rich flavors.

Go the Russian route with Vodka

Do you appreciate the clear yet strong and distinct taste of vodka? Then the alcohol delivery services of Alcohol Elements would be great to additionally consider. Brand names range from Absolut, Smirnoff, Grey Goose up to Belvedere.

Their prices may range from SGD$ 45, $78 and $80. It would additionally be interesting to order all of them on your upcoming celebration, as they have interesting shapes and sizes.

Don’t forget to order beer

Beer is the best drink for barbecues. Alcohol Elements has the sets of beers which should complete your awesome celebration.

Some of the brands which you may look into would be Heineken, Tiger Beer and Carlsberg. They’re also quite affordable per case, since you may respectively order the said brands at SGD $62, $58 and $55. Beer should additionally be a perfect choice, especially if you’re up for a casual type of party.

If you’re looking for cheap beer in Singapore, then you’ll definitely find it in Alcohol Elements. Just be sure to learn more about their delivery conditions, upon ordering your shortlisted beverages.

About Alcohol Elements

Among the most sought after alcohol delivery service in Singapore, you can rely on having your items delivered within an hour and even right at your doorstep. Their most sought after drinks include Whiskey, Vodka, Cognac, Tequila, Rum, Gin, Beer, Champagne, Liqueur, Mixers and so much more.

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