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Essential Oil Online SingaporeWhether you’re planning to embark on a DIY project or you’d like to have a reliable supplier of natural ingredients, you can count on Herbal Sense to provide you with essential oils in Singapore.

They have the top solutions for you to achieve a healthier self. Here are just a few of the countless benefits which you can gain by considering Herbal Sense’s carrier oil in Singapore today:

Relief from Stress and Anxiety

While a single essential oil can already provide almost a dozen health benefits, it would be great to consider how some selections have concentrated benefits. For instance, Herbal Sense’s sweet-smelling Basil Oil can be highly useful for stresses and anxieties. As a sought-after essential oil in Singapore, Basil can be placed in a diffuser to make a room fragrant and relaxing.

Sleep well with Organic Bergamot

Among numerous essential oils which Herbal Sense carries, Organic Bergamot has the capacity to improve one’s mood and encourage sleep. For those who are planning on a DIY aromatherapy and self-relaxation sessions, they can place the Bergamot on the diffuser as they play relaxing music in the background. This should encourage blissful sleep, especially to those who have insomnia.

Treats sore throats

There are medicinal or pharmaceutical companies which actually purchase generous amounts of essential oils to treat various conditions. For instance, Organic Black Pepper would be great as the main ingredient to treat sore throats and lung congestions. At Herbal Sense, experts would actually suggest how Organic Black Pepper would best be blended with Lavander, Sandalwood, Tea Tree and Sage among other selections.

For anti-aging and oily skin

If you’re also planning to make soaps, astringents or any other beauty product, Herbal Sense has the Carrot Seed essential oil to treat oily or dry skin. It also has anti-aging properties, so it would certainly be great to be manufactured with other essential oils. Herbal Sense’s experts would suggest combining Carrot Seed with Lavender, Juniper Berry, Cedarwood and Lemon.

Amazingly, using organic ingredients is less harmful since they contain lesser chemicals. This is why essential oils such as Carrot Seed would be a hit especially for fans of organic and all-natural treatments.

Heal from coughs

If it’s the flu season, you’d certainly want to immediately treat your coughs towards recuperation. This is where Herbal Sense’s Organic Cedarwood would be quite handy. As a reminder, you must consult with your physician and ask if you could use essential oils given certain conditions especially when you’re pregnant.

About Herbal Sense

Herbal Sense is embarking on a commitment to provide high quality products for the health and well-being of their customers. They have a wide range of products within categories such as Herbs & Spices, Aromatherapy, Teas and Healthy Foods. They even have options for supplemental ingredients and packaging materials. To know more about how they can be of help to your project, visit their site at and speak to their representatives.

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