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Thinking of making a couple of changes in your home? If so, you’ve got various affordable pieces to choose from at Furniture SG. The store carries a wide range of items to fit every room of your space, as it offers the most affordable pieces of furniture in Singapore. See which ones can fit your budget and stylishly complete the look of your rooms today.

See Furniture SG’s 18 bedroom categories

Whether you’re looking for a cheap mattress in Singapore, storage beds, sofas, day beds, wardrobes or dressing tables, Furniture SG has them for you. As you browse through their online site and click on “Mattresses,” it would be convenient to narrow down your choices by brand, firmness, type or size. Their store also has product photos and specifications, so you may already anticipate how the items should fit and blend well with your space.

Choose from hundreds of living room selection

Liven up your home or office’s communal area with Furniture SG’s coffee tables, tea table sets, TV consoles, lifestyle chairs and many more. These amazingly come in various shapes, sizes and prices. To make the best choice, consider your space and budget then see which pieces can be further narrowed down into what can particularly fit you.

Chow with new dining room and kitchen pieces

It’s certainly more inspiring to whip up delicious meals and gather everyone around with new furniture pieces. If you’re looking for new kitchen cabinets in Singapore, then Furniture SG should be your partner in picking which ones would look great for your taste and budget.

Did you also know the store offers quick installation services, free of charge? They can even deliver the pieces you purchased, even after office hours. This means you can see how the items are actually placed in your space, and decide on how they should sync with your style with a couple of extra hands to help you out.

Soak up the sun with patio and garden furniture

It’s always great to spend some time outdoors and take the free vitamins which sunshine can offer. The best way to lounge at a lawn or balcony would be with patio and garden pieces. See the selections of Furniture SG as they carry outdoor table sets, swinging chairs and lifestyle chairs. These come in different colors and styles. They’re also mostly available in contemporary formats, and this which means they’ll be sure to sync with your interior’s style for many more years.

Inspire some intellectual activity with study pieces

If you’re gearing up your kids to have higher grades, you can further inspire and encourage them through good quality furniture. Be sure to pick durable, comfortable and ergonomic pieces, so they can further increase their hours of studying. Furniture SG also sells office chair pieces so you can also get some work done while overseeing your tots as they read up.

A lot of creative and practical ideas can be done by choosing among Furniture SG’s wide range of affordable pieces. See which ones will fit your spaces today.


About the company:

With the mission to provide the lowest priced pieces, Furniture SG carries an extensive selection of items to complement your home or office. Choose among their Bedroom, Living Room, Dining Room & Kitchen, Patio & Garden and Study Room pieces, by visiting today.

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