Check Out the Latest Sporty Looks from Eikon


Planning to invest on gym wear any time soon? Then you’d be delighted about the selections which Eikon offers. They’ve got all you’ll need from women’s wear, men’s apparel, accessories and many more.

faded-short-sleeve-tshirtsPerhaps you’d further like to take your workout clothes to the next level, or you simply want to improve your wardrobe. Either way, here are just some of the items which you can consider:

Gym Wear for Men and Women

There are a lot of activities which you can use Eikon’s pieces with. If you’re initially building on your wardrobe of gym wear, some of the pieces you can look at would be the Tahli Short Sleeved Top, Raye Seamless Tank,                 Salina Excel Tank, Take the Lead Tank and many more

They’re quite an investment, especially if you’ll need to build on women’s gym wear. You can even try if the Mia Excel Tank and Bra combination suits you just fine. For men’s gym wear, there’s the Camiseta Interflat Brasil piece in color blue.

Invest in some running clothes

Running is such a fun exercise especially when you’ll always get the chance to catch some fresh air and see lush green trees. This is even a lot more reason for you to consider purchasing tank tops to stay comfy and stylish throughout your run.

There’s the “Go Your Own Way” printed piece, “Be Confident, be happy, be proud” top and “She is Fierce” tank. These are great to have with women’s sports bra, which come in different styles and colors. There’s a neon purple piece, light blue article and many other colored items.

Eikon also has a variety of running shorts which you can choose from. There are light and brightly colored ones, while others would be great for evening runs.

Pick your very own accessories

It can be equally convenient to know how all you’ll need will be available throughout every course of your workout. This is where you’ll need your accessories to complete your whole exercise ensemble.

Stay hydrated by choosing among a couple of drinking bottles from Eikon. They’re available in various formats and colors. Some look like compact pieces, while others are available with lengthy looks. They come in orange, purple, pink, blue, yellow and so much more.

Eikon’s drinking bottles are also available at SGD $18. They’re also versatile to use in other places such as offices or even as part of your bag as you run your daily errands.

About Eikon

Eikon was founded by a University of Queensland student in 2014. During the rise of eCommerce, it was seen how gym wear can be so much less expensive if they’re bought online. Instead of going to malls, customers will find it much more convenient to have their clothes delivered regardless of how busy their schedules may be.

Want to know what’s in store at Eikon? To know more about their latest offers and price discounts, be sure to visit their store and place your order:

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