ServiceDott, a Recruitment Solutions Provider that brings forth state of the art Recruitment and Candidate Management Systems to help companies address their Hiring and Talent acquisition needs is offering its standards services for all the hiring and recruitment needs of every company.

The company is the center for high-tech recruitment solutions through its DM Recruit™ which enables to automate almost every step in the hiring process. The standard services we offer are:

Data Migration Services
The services of ServiceDott cover the scope of migrating company’s recruitment data from its existing database or Applicant Tracking System or its Network file server into DM Recruit. This service primarily is executed in 3 parts which are the Feasibility Study, Estimation of Cost or Time and Data Migration task.

The experience of ServiceDott in helping its customers has been utilized across multiple platforms. ServiceDott has extracted resume data from the following sources such as the Email Database, Relational Database such as Microsoft SQL Server, Access, MySQL and the Network File server

Career website Design & development
With every implementation of DM Recruit, the career website component is customized and configured to the look and feel of the customer’s website. In this manner, ServiceDott renders experience and support to develop intuitive and easy websites for Jobseekers to enjoy a resume submission experience with the company website. The services included are the Designing of Career website, setting up and configuring web database platform and the Integration and link with corporate website.

User Training
User Training is provided during the implementation phase of Applicant Tracking System. However, keeping in mind of the organization staff transition and new staff on board, additional training is provided in a group session. These training sessions carry knowledge beyond the product and provides information of processes as how the system works for the customer environment. Such training services are rendered on demand and are specially provided for a customer. This is offered on time per cost basis based on the request from the customer.

Specifically, ServiceDott features modern technological tools in the field of Recruitment Software which boasts of its Applicant Tracking System, a software application that facilitates in the electronic handling of recruitment needs is upgraded by ServiceDott into becoming an innovative and powerful applicant tracking system that modernizes or streamlines the entire recruiting process from job creation, advertisement and publishing to candidate resume capture, filtering, interviewing and hiring.

ServiceDott’s ATS (Applicant Tracking System) provides specific functions such as sourcing of candidates from different sources to one database; multiple viewing of applications submitted by a particular candidate; avoidance of data redundancy by managing resume versions for each candidate; maintenance of candidates’ availability status; logging of interview details for future reference; and maintenance of all candidate documents at one place (example are resume, photograph, pay slips, certificates and so on.)

This highly-functional and efficient tool is one among the efforts that ServiceDott is offering its clients, as the company aspires to achieve its vision of providing the highest level of customer satisfaction via its DM Recruit™ Software.

ServiceDott is a Recruitment Solutions Provider that brings forth state of the art Recruitment & Candidate Management Systems to help companies address their Hiring and Talent acquisition needs. For more information, visit:

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