Check Out the Gym Wear Selections at Eikon Today


Are you looking for hassle free transactions, while ensuring you’ll get exactly what you need for your workouts? Then you’ll definitely find Eikon refreshing, as it includes a line of Men and Women’s Gym Wear. Eikon has a line of Gym, Running, plus Yoga and Pilates outfits for shoppers to choose from. See their selections and pick which ones should fit your workout needs today.

Versatile items under Men’s Gym Wear

 Eikon’s gym wear category includes a couple of pieces which can flexibly be worn either at the gym or while running. These are also available in different brands such as CajuBrasil. The Camiseta Interflat, Flexim Sport and Sheer Dry can be bought at blue or black colors. They also have stylish and interesting prints which lean towards more masculine tones.

Eikon’s running ensemble

Men can also pick from selections which have more coverage, and those with breathable fabrics. Since men tend to exert more sweat, Eikon’s line of clothes is made to dry easily. This way, no matter how strenuous workouts may be, men can still stay comfortable throughout their sessions. Eikon has these in ensemble formats, which means shoppers will no longer need to be confused in separately purchasing their pieces of clothing.


Women’s Sports Wear

Why be all sweaty when you can fabulously wear sports ensembles from Eikon? There are branded selections such as CajuBrasil and Lorna Jane which come in colorful prints. These should be inspiring to wear, as women will stay motivated with the text written on the tops.

For instance, a design mentions how “Good Things Come to Those Who Work.” Their colorful and creative layouts would equally be motivating for those who are at the gym. Eikon patrons can choose tops which come in lime green, pink, yellow and many other colors.


Coverage with women’s sports bra

For women who are motivated to be in their best form, Eikon also has a range of sports bra which come in different styles and materials. The Motivated Sports Bra is made from classic and mesh fabrics, which should provide coverage while having breathable fabrics. They’re also quick drying.


Consider colorful accessories with your outfit

Eikon also has the Blenderbottle brand. Its pieces have characteristics such as style, versatility and innovation. They’re also available in different colors, so they can complement a customer’s workout mood. Pick from their orange, dark blue, red, pink and navy blue selections today.


About Eikon

Eikon is a shop which has been conceptualized to cater for the various fitness needs among different folks who are motivated to get healthy. They offer convenience and reasonably priced items, so customers may focus more on working out without the hassles of going to a mall and squeezing in the city’s congested traffic.

Eikon’s selections for men and women are available in different styles, as they ensure comfort all throughout each workout session. For more information about the store and to check their latest products, customers can visit their site at today.

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