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Routes of Yoga (ROY) now offers its series of 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali, along with its retreats, immersions and regular events for instructors.

ROY understands how highly frantic an entire day can get for Yoga instructors, which is why they need all the resources to replenish their energies. This is what exactly a series of retreats can provide them, especially when they’re held overseas. For teachers who’d further love to deepen their understanding of the discipline, there’s the Bali Yoga teacher training. If you’re an instructor who’s looking for all-in-one support in relation to your craft, check out Routes of Yoga’s programs today.

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Being a Yoga instructor means you’ll need to keep polishing and improving on your practice. This is what exactly a Yoga teacher training in Bali can do. Imagine being walked through all the core principles of Yoga and learning more about the best ways by which it can be taught.

The first part of your Yoga teacher training course in Bali includes learning about the basic components of the body. This is one of the very basic principles involved in learning everything there is about the Yoga. A person’s body will serve as the instrument which the mind can further mould. By knowing how energies flow through the body, it can be further be utilised to come up with the best results.

Secondly, the course will then be tackling the core concepts involved in Yoga. This includes asana, meditation, chakras and many more. The history of this discipline will be further tackled so teaching participants will have a much deeper understanding of Yoga. This should also be the perfect opportunity for instructors to trigger some areas which they’ll further need to improve on.

Thirdly, the course culminates with one of its most important phases. It specifically talks about how the discipline may be taught to students. Among the teacher training programs in Bali, the 200 hour training program will talk about how Yoga would be best shared to the instructor’s clients. This includes tried and tested methodologies so they can impart the discipline towards the promotion of health and personal peace.

Retreats and training programs

Aside from getting deeply trained and comprehensively exposed to the discipline of Yoga, instructors can further find peace and relaxation through ROY’s retreats. In here, they will have the chance to momentarily break away from the stresses of daily life and replenish their energies.

With retreats and training programs, instructors will also get the chance to have much newer or fresher perspectives about the world. They will be going overseas such as in Bali or Nepal, and this should enable them to appreciate different cultures in the process.

About Routes of Yoga:

Founded by Daphne Charles and Anton Jager, Routes of Yoga (ROY) is an all-in-one centre for Yoga instructors to expand and deepen their knowledge about their craft. It offers a series of 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali along with overseas retreats and pilgrimages. For more information, visit

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