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Want to ace your poses and be further inspired with the discipline of Yoga? Then you’d probably find it equally enjoyable and challenging to enroll at a 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali. This should allow for a holistic and comprehensive approach to the practice of Yoga as a way of life. From theories to actual poses, you definitely will find Routes of Yoga’s training program to be worth your while.

Have an ultimately fruitful getaway at Bali

Routes of Yoga’s (ROY)training destination is at picturesque Ubud. As you sign up for a program, you will be initially learning about Anatomy and the related physical practices of Yoga. ROY has a supportive community which enables its trainings’ participants to get the most of their lessons, while having beautiful landscapes as their backdrop.

The Yoga teacher training course in Bali has three major portions for students to study about. Firstly, the Body will be studied as it is the rudimentary element of Yoga as a practice. Discussions on integration will be part of this phase, so students will have a better understanding of how a body’s energy flows throughout various transitions of poses.

Study up on Yoga’s subtle concepts

The second part of ROY’s three-fold classes would be exercises and discussions which go beyond Asanas and the subtleties of economy. Routes of Yoga’s 200 hour Yoga teacher training in Bali will introduce concepts such as chakras, meditation, yantras, kriyas and many more. With the topics which will be talked about and demonstrated, students will be learning more about how to integrate what they learned into practical poses and exercises.

On teaching Yoga as a practice

There are various methodologies involved when it comes to sharing the knowledge you’ve learned from the first two days of ROY’s Yoga teacher training course in Bali. These should also include Sequencing exercises and Teaching Labs.

Beyond mystification concepts, the practical art of teaching will be taught at the third phase of the Yoga Teacher Training course. Routes of Yoga ensures the support of your peers and instructors would be available. This way, knowledge sharing would be highly conducive in every session.


How to prepare for the 200 hour Yoga teacher training in Bali

Before going on a Bali trip for your training, it would be good to ensure your body would be well-conditioned for various stretches and poses. A minimum of one year would be required for you to have, so you can be agile enough to carry out various flows or steps during sessions.

For the utmost, fruitful experience, see if you can sign up at the Routes of Yoga’s 200 hour Yoga teacher training in Bali. Its various classes would be highly beneficial especially for those who’d like to level up their practice.

About Routes of Yoga

Routes of Yoga (ROY) is a fitness center which has Retreats, Immersions and Teacher Trainings all over the world. Headed by Anton Jager and Daphne Charles, the school provides holistic learning experiences for those who would like to expand their Yoga practice and share their passion to potential students.

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