Check Out these Strength Training Pieces from HOMEGYM.SG


Build on your muscles and strengthen your stance with the top pieces from HOMEGYM.SG. Did you know they’ve got various ranges of workout equipment for you to choose from? Their top categories include Weights, Weight Benches, Squat Racks, Smith Machines, Multifunctional Units and many other pieces.

If you’re looking for some sturdy, strength training gym equipment in Singapore, you’ll certainly find HOMEGYM.SG quite helpful. Here are just some of the top items you can know more about:

Invest in dumbbells, barbells and other weight components

Now you have the option to adjust the weight ranges of your strength training sessions, by considering HOMEGYM.SG’s Build Your Own Set. This package is composed of 1.25, 2.5, 5, 10, 15 and 25 kilogram plates. They’re also made of rubberized materials, to ensure you’ll be lessening their impact on the flooring should they be accidentally dropped.

See a couple of gym bench selections from HOMEGYM.SG

As you pick through your options of fitness equipment in Singapore, you’ll find how gym bench selections are available in various formats. These include foldable, glute and ham raising features, multi adjustable and even sturdy, straight gym benches.

HOMEGYM.SG also provided a couple of price slash-offs with most of their gym bench pieces. Their prices range from S$170 to over S$700. The Deluxe Folding Bench is now on sale, but it would most likely be available at a limited time only. It’s currently priced at $180. The same folding bench can be bundled with dumbbells and barbells with rubberized features.

Do your leg workouts with some awesome Squat Racks

If you’ve also been looking for a squat rack in Singapore, HOMEGYM.SG has Squat Stands, Power Racks and the Inifinity Series. The most sought-after unit would be the F-VR Force USA – VERSARACK XL. It’s an all-in-one equipment piece which includes high and low cabled pulleys, core trainer, dip station, multi-grip chin up bar and many other features.

Have the Total Strength Training Session with a Multifunctional Unit

There’s the Mon-G Monster Fitness Functional Trainer, Power Rack and Smith Machine Combo. While it may surprisingly be much more expensive than most squat racks, it’s got all you’ll need when it comes to a free weight gym unit. This elite training piece also has a core trainer, along with an equipment storage option. Did you also know investing on this piece means you’ll be gaining a Lifetime Warranty for the Mainframe?


HOMEGYM.SG offers a high quality set of standards when it comes to workout equipment. They also offer supplies and accessories, to fit the needs of every gym buff or fitness establishment owner. They’ve got Strength, Cardio and Mat pieces, along with accessories to complete each exercise experience.

If you’d like to make the most of your purchasing budget, you can also check out their special sale portion. They also source their products from all over the world, so you’ll be sure to receive top quality pieces. For more information, view their site:

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