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Ethernet systems at TNS

Have you been looking for a top go-to networking and computing equipment which can carry out critical and crucial, data-related operations? If so, then you have TNS constantly at our side. They have the complete items which range from managed Ethernet switch, remote automation, serial connectivity, industrial computers and up to video surveillance equipment.


A varied line of industrial Ethernet solutions


If you’re up to some reliable seamless wired and wired connectivity systems, with up to 10 GbE in transferring capacity you can look no further than TNS. They have industrial Ethernet switches, industrial wireless materials, industrial fieldbus pieces, media converters, industrial secure routers and network management products. It would also be advisable for you to look through their carried brands, such as Axiomtek and Moxa in Singapore.

Transfer some vital information with Serial Connectivity items


TNS has an array of Serial Device Servers, Serial Media Converters, Industrial USBs, Industrial Fieldbus and Multiport Serial Boards. Make industrial devices directly accessible from your network, through Serial Connectivity materials. These can be accordingly configured on the web, so you may change your data transfer settings even from afar.


TNS’ Serial Connectivity materials may also be used for various applications, from protocol conversion, TCP operation modes, Real COM drivers and so much more. Upon looking through your selections, it would also be helpful to check the store’s variety of serial to Ethernet features.

Look through your options on Industrial Computers


Computers are the reliable information processors to keep your business going. This is why TNS has made sure it can offer computers which offer customization and assembly features to fit the needs of your operations.


Singapore’s top connectivity retailer carries a line of rackmount computers, industrial motherboards, single board computers, touch displays, touch panel computers and so much more. If you’re considering to buy a panel PC in Singapore, you’d be glad to know how TNS can provide a complete system to fit your information processing needs.

Maintain safety with a couple of Remote Automation systems


If you’ll need to store, monitor and process data from remote locations due to safety reasons, it would be a great idea to look through the systems from TNS. They bring about real-time monitoring to ensure efficiency and reliability in communication.


You can pick from an array of Micro RTU Controllers, Modular RTU Controllers, Ethernet Remote I/O and Serial Remote IO. These Remote Automation Systems also come in heavy duty formats. This is why you can have them even in locations with harsher environments.


About TNS


As Singapore’s top distributor in networking and computing equipment, TNS has the strong technical expertise to ensure modern systems and high quality designs will be brought to their clients. They carry a wide array of materials ranging from Industrial Ethernet, Serial Connectivity, Industrial Computer, Remote Automation, Video Surveillance and Accessories. See how the retailer can improve your company’s information needs. Visit their site today at and ask about how they can provide you with various customized solutions.

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