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buy-wildcard-ssl-from-cyber-secure-asia-singaporeDo you need to secure the multiple subdomains of your business? If so, then it would be useful for you to consider the benefits which can be provided by CyberSecure Asia. Their Wild Card SSLnot only has the capacity to secure regular domains, the said product can also bring security throughout mails, plus its certifications can further be distributed to various servers. All you’ll need to do is to place a different key to each server, so their corresponding transactions may also be provided with utmost privacy.

If you’d like to further know why you must get a Wild Card SSL certificate in Singapore, here are a couple more advantages to help you in making up your mind:

Provides the strongest encryption possible

The last thing you’ll always need is an intrusion of your transactions, or worse hackers who’ll keep gathering your customers’ vital information. This is why you’ll additionally need the Wild Card SSL certificate since it allows for 256 bit symmetric plus asymmetric encryption. This means the information you’ll exchange with customers, especially their encoded Credit Card or Social Security numbers, will be guaranteed safe as they cannot be traced by unauthorized visitors.

Take advantage of their Unlimited Server License

Use as many servers as you want, and you’ll still gain the same level of security out of getting a Wild card SSL. It can be quite expensive if you’ll have to keep getting licenses for every single server which you’ll need to secure. However by signing up for the services of CyberSecure Asia, you’ll end up having to pay for only one SSL certificate in Singapore.

Use your Trust Seal for Conversions

To further gain your potential customers’ trust, it would be advisable to prominently place the Trust Seal which goes with your availed Wild Card SSL. Did you know about 63% of online shoppers become quite hesitant about making purchases, if they do not see a Trust Seal on a site?

If you also need to get a DigiCert at the soonest possible time, CyberSecure Asia has a team of dedicated experts who can readily issue your with a WildCard SSL within less than an hour.

Compatibility with various browsers

By having the DigiCert Wild Card SSL, you can also be assured your customers can stay secure regardless of the browsers they may be using. CyberSecure Asia always makes sure it stays updated with the latest trends when it comes to applying security measures throughout the latest, most prominent servers around.

About CyberSecure Asia

With over 20 years of experience, CyberSecure Asia has ensured efficient issuances of security certificates for various online sectors. What began in Japan has expanded throughout Singapore. Their main products and services include SSL Certificates, Code Signing Certificates, Document Signing Certificates and Secure WiFi Certificates.

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