Chemicals: Now a Vital Component to Every Industry


Chemicals are a modern vital component to every industry, one which no large-scale company can get by without using. It can be daunting to scout the internet and try to locate companies in Singapore that provide chemicals, and that’s why is there to help. The Times Business Directory is a comprehensive compilation of key businesses including Singapore 1000 and SME 1000 companies. From their website, you can read through news in the industry, locate companies who deal in the kinds of commodities that you’re looking for, learn about upcoming events and more.

Some of the companies listed on the website include


Megachem Limited is one of the leading suppliers of specialty chemicals in the region, a premier one-stop distributor and manufacturer of industrial specialty products.

Incorporated in 1988, we have grown from strength to strength, with a global presence covering eight cities and a diverse customer base hailing from over ten different industries. The industries that we serve are:

Performance Coating & Polymer

– Paint

– Ink

– Polymer

– Adhesive

– Construction

Advanced Polymer Composite

– Rubber composite

– Plastic

– PU

– Polyester

Surface Technology

– Electronic

– Metal finishing

– Industrial cleaning

– Water treatment


– Food & beverage

– Pharmaceutical

– Feed

– Flavour & fragrance

– Agriculture

Life Style

– Personal care

– Photo

– Textile

Oil & Gas

– Petrochemical

– Lubricant & grease

– Oil field

and complemented by precision-blending capabilities. This diversity enables the company to meet the varying needs of customers


Our stability is one of the main thing our customers rely on Chemical Industries for. With our own fleet of ISO tankers and transport arm, we are able to cater to our customers on weekends, public holidays and whenever their demand may surge. This coupled with our off site storage for contingency purposes lower the risk our customers take in external forces affecting their supply of our product.


SynTech Chemicals are distributed throughout Asia and the Indian Ocean, providing total quality hygiene management for:

  • Food and beverage industries
  • Hotel and medical industries
  • Manufacturing and materials industries
  • Food and food processing industries
  • Laundry and dry-cleaning industries
  • Marine industries


Our engineered specialty chemical treatment programs includes:

Water treatment application and pulp & paper. Application and

aqualon-water soluble polymer.


TMI, a subsidiary of Telecom Italia, offers a wide range of end-to-end

managed solutions – managed IP VPNs, ATM, frame relay, business

internet services, IDC and value-added IP services.

Besides the wide range of companies on that provide the kinds of products your company is looking for, there are many other resources for business owners, all at your fingertips and all at one convenient place for your shopping pleasure.

With chemicals being such a vital part of your industry’s enterprise, it’s important that you locate the right kinds of chemicals for your business at the right prices. Don’t waste your time, go to the place the locals go to in Singapore when they need chemical suppliers that provide great prices.

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