Chiaki Worldwide Provides Firm and Good Footing with their Anti-Slip Solutions


Chiaki Worldwide are able to keep their clients in place with the products that they bring into the table. Various products including anti slip treatment, bathroom kitchen refinishing, repair on bathroom fixtures, stone care restoration, waterproofing repair, stainless steel restoration and many more.

Chiaki Worldwide values each of their client’s homes making sure that they are indeed safe to children as well as adults. You will find anti slip flooring solutions among their list of many services. Anti slip coating Singapore makes it possible for their clients to walk through any type of flooring without the fear of slips and falls from ever happening. As such, their customers are able to feel a huge amount of relief as they have little to no worries anymore about their floors especially when friends and guests come for a visit.

Aside from anti slip solution, Chiaki Worldwide can also be the one stop cleaning service for their clients. Of course, it is important to make sure that your floors are clean to keep them less slippery. Chemical cleaning Singapore is able to answer to your needs and preference with regards to cleaning. Their cleaners in Singapore are equipped with the right equipment and tools to make sure that the job is done in timely and effective manner. They include other types of services as well including and marble polishing Singapore.

Ceiling cleaning services often become handy especially to those hard to reach areas. Chiaki Worldwide provides waterproofing Singapore to make rainy season become less troublesome to bear. Aside from that, they also provide other similar services like when the need to remove scratches from glass, facade cleaning Singapore becomes necessary. On the other hand, refinishing bathtubs and reglazing bathtubs are done to keep the bathroom always looking new and fresh.

You will not find any shortage of anti slip solutions found at Chiaki Worldwide. It is good to hear that they have made their services much easier to reach to their customers by integrating them over the internet. This makes them quiet easy to find and get in touch with. As such, looking their services up as well as hiring them directly takes only a few seconds to complete.

About Chiaki Worldwide:
CHIAKI ENTERPRISES PTE LTD / TUBMASTER REFINISHING PTE LTD – Franchisor of Worldwide Restoration Systems™ of ASIA since 1989 are designed to offer highest quality of solution for Residential & Commercial demands. Equipped with a combination of knowledge, expertise and products with the latest advanced technology in Anti Slip Solutions, Stained Removal Systems, Waterproofing Repair Systems and Full range of Stone Care Restoration & Refinishing Products in the industry. Their mission is to teach their principles and systems of personal and business success so that all people we touch live happier, more successful lives as well as provide a variety of highest quality products and services to meet today high standard of demand. You can find out more when you visit

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