CHIAKI Worldwide Restorations Systems of ASIA offers worldwide safety solutions with its anti-slip treatments


CHIAKI Worldwide Restorations Systems of ASIA, Franchisor of Worldwide Restoration Systems in several countries in Asia, offer dynamic services for Restoration systems for Residential and commercial specific needs. The proactive perspective of the company’s servicesin providing safety solutions paved the way for the development of its anti-slip treatments.

The company takes pride in introducing its cutting edge solutions for the hazards of slippery floors saying that its, “Anti-Slip Treatment is a water based, low odor, colorless liquid. It is not a coating that can wear and that requires repeated re-application. The floor can be put back into use immediately. There is no cure time as with coatings”.

Anti-slip treatment service is part of the one-stop solution company. It has seen the need for the residential and commercial client on the safety precautions for the welfare of every family member and the safety of workings in their working areas.

Before it ventures out, it made sure that it is equipped with a combination of knowledge, expertise and products. The latest and advanced technology in Anti Slip Solutions are also incorporated and considered in the means and approach of the company towards the clients’ concerns. CHIAKI Worldwide solutions on anti-slip flooring provided results that have met the Singapore standards in Specification of Slip Resistance.

Through an extensive research, the company has proven the exclusivity of its services as there is no other company in the market that uses its specific chemical as part of their cleaning services. Thus, its anti-slip treatments does not only address the main issue but also provide additional services for a safe and cleaner flooring. The company specifically uses a compound that blocks micro-organism/fungi growth, dissolve chemical deposits, and create traction all in ONE simple cleaning solution. A treatment that was not used by any other company in the industry.

CHIAKI ENTERPRISES, also known as Tubmaster Refinishing, is an HDB Approved Supplier for Slip Resistant Treatment. Their products and services in the field include anti-slip floor painting coating, anti-slip safety tapes.

CHIAKI Worldwide have served numerous clients gaining trust and rapport as they venture with the projects and continues to provide top of the line quality services for its clients and customers.

About CHIAKI Worldwide Restorations Systems of ASIA:
CHIAKI ENTERPRISES PTE LTD / TUBMASTER REFINISHING PTE LTD is a Franchisor of Worldwide Restoration Systems of ASIA. It has reached several countries which include Brunei, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Korea, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand & Vietnam.

Since the year 1989, the company is committed to produce and developed services to offer highest quality of solution for Residential & Commercial demands.All products are field tested and used by our own service division before it is offered on the open market. Aside from the anti-slip treatment and solutions, it is also a one-stop servicing company for other related industry such as Stained Removal Systems, Waterproofing Repair Systems and Full range of Stone Care Restoration & Refinishing Products. To find out more, visit:

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