Chinese Medical Center Offers a Variety of Natural Treatments for Weight Loss


Chinese Medical Center is able to help their clients manage weight in a timely and effective manner through a variety of natural treatments that they provide at their clinic on a regular day to day basis.

Chinese Medical Center welcomes patients who are having troubles with regards to their weight. Instead of extensive and major surgical operations, this TCM clinic Singapore focuses on a natural and healthy way of losing weight . All of this is made possible with acupuncture slimming Singapore and acupuncture methods are used to solve the problem of obese patients, so as to achieve weight loss. This can take 30 minutes to complete one session.

On the other hand, there is also body massage Singapore which Chinese Medical Center makes use of with the help of a professional Chinese physician Singapore in order to achieve weight loss goals. TCM slimming Singapore uses pressure to help tight loose skin to provide slender physique shaping role. As such, patients can feel a small fraction of their weight is being slowly chipped away in every session of their treatment.

Aside from weight loss, acupuncture Singapore is also used in other aspects of treatment such as a form of relaxation and removing stress away from their patient’s bodies as well as in effectively dealing with wrinkles and sagging. Chinese Medical Center also makes sure to provide quality treatment to each and every one of their customers under the guidance of professional Chinese doctor Singapore. With their help, patients are reassured that the traditional Chinese medicine Singapore that they receive feels right at home without the need to travel to distant places.

Chinese medicine Singapore has become a very much sought after service in the present. It is good to hear that Chinese Medical Center is able to answer to the needs as well as the preferences of their patients. TCM Singapore can be easily found with the likes of Chinese Medical Center integrating their services over the internet for easy access and reach. As such, a huge number of individuals are able to seek treatments such as Tui na Singapore and have bookings and reservations done online.


About Chinese Medical Center:

CMC was founded and established by Mr. Joseph Liu Bing Qiang in 1997, it is Singapore’s first integrated Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and healthcare centre to provide quality medical and healthcare services for the public. After 16 years of hard work, today CMC has 8 branches in Singapore with a team of experienced TCM Practitioners, Masseurs and Veterans are on standby to provide professional quality services of Chinese Medicine, Healthcare Massage and Acupuncture. To enhance total health and well-being of our patient/customer as well as achieving the “World-class Standard” on TCM services, CMC has recently self-developed a “Comprehensive Management Networking System” to cater for internet booking, payment, and keep track on their patient’s service information. You can find out more information, when you visit CMC’s website at

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