Your Choices and Decisions for Private Tuition


a-tutors-provides-private-tuition-in-singaporeA number of schools are overpopulated and there are many of them who are trying to survive as well in today’s volatile economy. This is one reason why there is an increase in the number of parents who turn to private tuition as the best academic means to provide support and guidance for their children’s learning needs in subjects where they’re hard up.

It would be difficult to find your kid the right private tutor if you simply don’t know how to do so. It helps a lot to know the options that are available for you.

The first choice is to look for a private tutor. They are usually found in local newspapers, Internet, and directories. It is required that you ask for the credentials and valid Criminal Bureaus Check (CRB) which are expected of all reliable tutors. Most of the time parents find private tutors through personal recommendations from trusted individuals.

You can also find private tuition agencies that can help you find the private tutors you need. These agencies set up stringent vetting procedures to make sure that the tutor is qualified and experienced to provide home tuition for the subject area that id required of him and in which he has a valid CRB.

If you prefer to have home tuition, then you have to expect that the home tutor would require a space for tutorial, may it be the dining table or the kitchen table or elsewhere in the house that’s relatively quiet. It is also wise to leave the door open since this would give assurance to the tutor and the kid.

It is also advisable to stay with on the premises of the area while the tutorial session is ongoing. It would be better to do this for a couple of sessions first until you become truly confident of the entire arrangement.

When it comes to the timeframe for the results, it’s on a case to case basis. Primarily, this depends on the child’s assessment of his performance and on the level of academic assistance he requires.  Most parents would require an hour of home tuition per week, but to achieve maximum progress, it would be done for the whole academic year. For kids who only require minimal assistance, results will be visible in two to three months.

Always keep in mind that it is important for home tuition agencies to conduct an initial assessment of the kids’ ability to figure out which subject areas need help and up to what level of support is required.


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