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Whether you’re considering to completely change the look of your space or you just settled in, some well-chosen door will certainly be good additions to your interiors. This is where Boon Keng Huat will be quite helpful to fit your style and budget. Choose from their line of Classic Door, Nyatoh, Veneer, Laminate and many other types of units today.

Make the most of your budget with laminated doors

Laminated doors are splendid choices since they look like genuine wood, without having to be priced like one. You can choose among Boon Keng Huat‘s pieces which are colored in brown or neutral. These can also be in sliding formats, or attached with hinges. Be sure to call their representatives, so you may be further guided on which sizes should fit your space.

Classic Doors for timeless spaces

If you’re the type of homeowner who likes to go all-in when it comes to door investments, you can choose slightly pricier pieces such as Classic Doors. These are made of wooden materials and will be sure to last for several more years, than other types of doors.

A Classic Door would also be suitable if you like to keep updating the themes and colors of your interiors. It is relatively amenable to various changes in paint colors, so you can feel free to keep improving the design of your space.

Be on the affordable route with a Veneer Door in Singapore

While Classic Wooden Doors may be ideal for homes and spaces, not everyone has enough budget when it comes to having these installed. If you’re sticking with a certain price range at the moment, you may choose a Veneer Door in Singapore since it comes with a combination of wooden materials. This should almost be as good as having genuine, hardwood for your doors. If you’d like to know how they may best fit with your space, you may ask about it with Boon Keng Huat‘s specialists.

Have a waterproof door to fit your bathroom

Your chosen bathroom doors should seamlessly blend with the look of your toilet. Boon Keng Huat carries a couple of selections which come in different colors. Not only do they look spic and span, they can also fit different sizes of bathrooms. Boon Keng Huat also specializes in doors which are placed in small compartments such as condominium units and studio apartments.

Protect your space with metal gates

If you’d like to further keep your space protected from intruders or robbers, then metal gates are ideal to layer on your front and back door. Boon Keng Huat has black painted units which come in different designs and patterns. If you’d like, you may consider adding some painting accents on to the gate to enhance the look of your metal gate.

About Boon Keng Huat:

Boon Keng Huat supplies for Residential and Commercial units, as it also provides Door Replacement in Singapore. It has a line of items ranging from Laminated, Classic, Veneer to Bathroom door units. The company also installs Metal Gates to fit front and back doors. For more details about their products, visit their website at today.

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