Why Choose Match Maid SG’s Service?


filipno maids at matchmaidHave you been looking for a go-to maid agency for the longest time? If so, then Match Maid SG’s services can exactly fit your needs. Their representatives have the expertise and helpful attitude to make sure you’ll find the maid which best matches your household.

Here are just few of the reasons why Match Maid can be deemed as your top maid agency in Singapore:

They provide thorough services

Upon choosing Match Maid, you’ll find how their employees can assist you in every step of the way. They will initially be asking about your personal preferences when it comes to picking a maid. They can make sure each step of your maid seeking process will be done in a seamless way, so you can easily have a reliable employee to maintain the orderliness and cleanliness of your property.

They’re composed of a dynamic team

Did you also know Match Maid’s representatives can speak different languages? Some of them include Russian, Korean and English.

If you’re particularly an expat who’s still settling in Singapore, then it would be a relief to find how their employees can speak your native tongue. This should make it easier for you to delegate your preferences and instructions, so they can go right ahead with sourcing for Filipino maids or helpers with other nationalities.

Categorization of skill sets

Match Maid understands how not every household is exactly the same. This is why they go the extra mile when it comes to categorizing the types of skills which they have. Foreign Domestic Workers have different types of abilities, and their skills must be applied to what a household exactly needs.

If you’ve been searching for a maid agency to address your domestic needs, Match Maid SG is also a licensed employment company. With their expertise, they can also assure you of a thorough screening and evaluation process so your maid can be certainly qualified to get various chores done in your house.

Has positive feedback from previous and present clients

Be sure to also read through the handwritten notes of Match Maid SG’s Testimonials page. In here, you can see the feedback of their customers. Some of the observations they stated include the flexibility, responsiveness, warmth and honesty of Match Maid SG’s employees.

In here, you can already gauge how much help you’ll get upon signing up for Match Maid SG’s services. If you’re also completely new in Singapore, you’ll definitely find their advice column helpful when it comes to picking a maid service.

About Match Maid SG

Match Maid SG is Singapore’s go-to and dynamic maid agency. They understand the utmost importance which comes with picking the most fitting maid for every household. This is why they take on the thorough and helpful approach when it comes to serving their clients.

Want to know more about how they can help? Then be sure to know more about their services, and visit their site: . Call their representatives today for additional information.

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